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There seems to be an app for everything these days, from cooking apps to dating apps and everything in-between. In fact, there are even apps out there for training your dog. With training, your dog learns life skills, as well as social skills and also helps you to have more control over your dog’s actions and helps you better understand your dog.


Dogo– The app is free on Google Play and the App Store. The app features 20+ training sessions with cool illustrations, step-by-step instructions and a built-in clicker, which features an array of sound options. Within the training sessions are 70+ fun commands and tricks to teach your dog. The app also allows you to track your dog’s progress and to set daily training session reminders.

PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer– The app is free on Google Play and the App Store. However, the app is designed to be used with the PetSafe Remote Training Collar. The app offers one level of tone (beep), one level of vibration and 15 adjustable levels of static stimulation, which can be sent to your dog’s collar. The rechargeable, waterproof collar allows you to train your dog from up to 75 yards away, allowing you to easily train your dog to stop unwanted behaviors like chasing, digging and jumping.

Puppr– The app is free on Google Play and the App Store. The 50+ tricks within the app are taught by Sara Carson, one of the top international trick dog trainers, and The Super Collies. The lessons feature step-by-step instructions, easy to follow images and a built-in clicker for positive reinforcement. With the app, you can track your dog’s training progress and also collect badges as you and your dog continue to train and master new tricks.

Sound Proof Puppy Training– The app is $4.99 on Google Play and $3.99 on the App Store. Having a calm dog when there’s a noisy environment means that they need to be accustomed to an array of sounds. This app features 30+ sounds to get your dog accustomed to, such as a crying baby, fireworks, a helicopter, a lawn mower and thunder. The app also includes training tips and training videos to be used in conjunction with the sound effects.


Puppy Coach 101– The app is $2.99 on the App Store. The app features 30+ instructional video clips featuring Joanne Lekas, a certified professional dog trainer. The video clips cover 9 different topics, including Crate Training and Teaching Name. Once your puppy completes the course, you’ll get a puppy diploma via email.

Puptimize– The app is free on the App Store. Puptimize was created by experts who have decades of experience. The app is easy to use. First, you answer a few questions about your dog and your schedule. Next, you select which commands, games, skills and tricks you want to teach your dog and then the app will create custom training plans for you, based on your answers and selections.

Social Puppy– The app is free on the App Store. Social Puppy is a personalized dog training guide that mainly focuses on desensitizing, positive reinforcement and socialization. Over the course of 12 weeks, you and your dog will complete weekly challenges. The app also features a dog training journal where you can keep track of things like your dog’s diet, exercise and medical records.

Do you have any puppy apps you recommend that are not listed here?

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