Halloween Party Games for Kids

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So, you’re hosting a Halloween party this year for the neighborhood kids! You know how you are going to decorate and you know what foods you will serve, but you seem to be stumped when it comes to game ideas, right? Here are some fun Halloween party games for kids.

Marshmallow Toss Game


10- 3-ounce white paper cups

Bag of miniature marshmallows

Halloween-themed prize like goodie bags, pencils or stickers


Set up the cups on a table so there are 4 cups in the back row, then 3 cups, then 2 cups and finally 1 cup in the front. Give each child 10 miniature marshmallows and have them take turns tossing the marshmallows into the cups. For each marshmallow that lands in a cup, the player gets one point. The player with the most points wins the game.

Guess the Candy Corn Game


Clear bowl

Several bags of candy corn

Slips of paper



Before the start of the party, fill the clear bowl with candy corn, ensuring that you count the number of candy corn as you fill the bowl. Once all the party guests have arrived, have each of them guess how many candy corn pieces are in the bowl and have them write their answer on a slip of paper, along with their name. The player who guesses the closest gets to take home the candy-filled bowl.

Freeze Dance Game


Compact disc player

CD with Halloween music, like Now That’s What I Call Halloween or DJ’s Choice Kid’s Halloween Party Music

Halloween-themed prize like goodie bags, pencils or stickers


Clear an area in a room so that the kids have enough space to dance and move around. Once the kids are all gathered together in the area, explain to them how the game works. You will be controlling the music. Once the music starts, they all need to start dancing and once the music stops, they need to freeze in place. If the music stops and anyone moves, they are out of the game. The last person standing is the game winner.

Fun, right?! Make your Halloween festivities poppin’ with these fun Halloween party games.

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