Easy to Make Glow in the Dark Decorations

Decorating for Halloween is fun for the whole family. But, this year, you are looking for decoration ideas that are unique and creative. So, why not make some easy Halloween decorations that glow in the dark!

Spooky Balloons- Makes 6 balloons

Materials Needed:

12 green glow sticks

6 white balloons

Black Sharpie


Snap each green glow stick, which will activate the glow feature. Insert 2 glow sticks into each balloon. Then, inflate and tie each balloon. Use the black Sharpie to make ghost faces on the balloons. Allow the balloons to float up to the ceiling and turn off the lights to see the balloons glow.

Glowing Pumpkins- Makes 2 pumpkins

Materials Needed:

Old newspaper

2 large pumpkins


Clean, wet rag

White Primer Spray Paint

Glow in the Dark Spray Paint


Cover the work area with newspaper so it doesn’t get sprayed with paint. Using the sandpaper, sand each of the pumpkins to make them smooth. Then, take the wet cloth, clean the pumpkins and allow to dry. Once dried, spray each pumpkin with the White Primer Spray Paint and allow to dry completely. Once dried, spray each pumpkin with the Glow in the Dark Spray Paint and allow to dry completely. Once dried, set the pumpkins in direct light for 3-4 hours and then display in a dark area.

Lantern Garland- Makes 1 lantern garland

Materials Needed:

6 miniature plastic pumpkin buckets

6 glow sticks

Black ribbon


Snap each glow stick to activate their glow feature. Place one glow stick into each miniature pumpkin bucket (you may have to bend the glow sticks a bit to get them to fit inside the buckets). Using the black ribbon, string the miniature buckets evenly, to create the lantern garland. Then, just hang the lantern garland either inside or outside.

Which craft do you want to try for Halloween?

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