Before And After Photos Keto

Before and After Keto Photos

Ok you guys, you asked and now are you receiving…the celebratory before and after keto photos. Ahhh, okay. I took awhile to post these photos, but the more I contemplated NOT posting them, the more ridiculous the conversations in my mind sounded. “Just post the dang photos!” I obviously have no problem posting what I look like now because the hard work I put in the past few months show, but it is necessary for you all to see the result of what keto can do for you. I can attest that these results are real and the changes, albeit minute, happened within weeks of starting the keto diet.

It is absolutely INSANE how fast my body changed simply by just changing the types and amount of food I put into my body. I want you to keep in mind that everybody is different and everybody’s body is different. I have always been a fitness enthusiast, however, I incorporated more and different exercises into my daily routine. I truly do attribute a faster weight loss due to the food I consumed. A combination of healthy eating and exercise helped push my keto diet into a higher gear.

At this point, I have reached my goal weight. I am now working on toning my arms and developing muscles in my legs and glutes.

What are your goals on keto? Do you have before and after keto photos you would be willing to share?

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

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