#KetoLife: What Kind Of Scale Should I Get?

I have always hated scales simply because they don’t really measure your body’s complete health. And well, scales are scales. But, with the start of this keto diet, I felt that if I was going to take this seriously, I needed to invest in a scale to at least keep myself accountable and to have a guideline of where I was at from week to week.

The scale that I purchased is called Renpho and after using it now for a few months, I can honestly say I LOVE IT! In fact, I try not to, but I have become almost obsessed with stepping on it.

I am not gung-ho about downloading a zillion apps to my phone, but one of the features that I love about the Renpho scale is the app feature. It tracks the percentage of body fat, your body mass index, your bone mass, protein levels, body water, skeletal muscle, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and more. While I do not understand how a scale and an application can measure this simply by standing on it, HOWEVER, it is super cool to weigh in and track these numbers on a weekly basis with the graphing feature.

I purchased my Renpho scale from Amazon.com. Trust, if you are looking for a scale that is easy to use and does the job, the Renpho scale is it!

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