5 Best Pets For Households With Young Children

5 Best Pets For Households With Young Children

Children are fascinated by friendly animals so consider adding a pet to your household! Of course, not all animals are suitable round the young ones. Some are noisy, scary, and more of a burden than a pet. To help you get started with your decision, five of the best pets are listed below. While they each have their advantages and disadvantages, you can be assured that your kids will love them.

1. Cats
These furry felines are great to have an around the home. They are friendly and affectionate, while still being independent. For those with limited time, cats won’t be as big a responsibility as a dog. Of course, you will still have to feed them and give them water.

Cats are also much quieter than dogs. Howling and barking can upset young children so this is even more reason to choose one over a dog. Cats can occasionally get loud over territorial disputes, but most of the time they keep their voices down. Just remember that many people suffer from cat allergies so confirm that no one in your family is at risk.

2. Ferrets
When choosing ferrets as pets pros and cons need to be weighted up and down, but generally, the benefits outweigh the negatives. They are affectionate and have cool temperaments so that children will find bonding easy.
Just like cats, ferrets are very independent. They can go for long periods of time without needing human interaction. You will also find that they are similar in intelligence to dogs because they can learn to do tricks and follow commands.

Most people find ferrets to be low maintenance. However, it is important to clean their cages regularly, so musky smells don’t build up.

3. Hamsters
This cuddly little pet will be a hit with young children while also being low maintenance. You will need to regularly clean their cages but other than that the workload is minimal.
Just remember hamsters have a short lifespan of around 2-3 years. Their death may cause a shock to young ones so just keep this in mind.

4. Goldfish
If you are constantly busy looking after your family then how about choosing the pet with the lowest workload. Simply purchase a goldfish, place him in a tank, and you’re done. An occasional tank clean will be required but other than that the time commitment is minimal.

5. Rabbits
These creatures are cute and cuddly so don’t be surprised if young children can’t get enough of them. Just be aware that many rabbits don’t like to be held (which can be hard for young children to understand) and can freak out a bit.

As for maintenance, regular feeding and cage cleaning is necessary. You should also try and let rabbits out of their cage now and then. Make sure it’s a sealed off area so that they don’t run amuck.

All of these pets will make a great friend for your young child or children. They will be able to bond with a cute, friendly animal. Just remember, if you are short on time, goldfish and then cats are your best options. The other animals will require regular cage cleaning.

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