How To Plan a Family Road Trip

Taking a road trip with your family is often the most affordable and convenient way of getting to see new places. By spending a little time to make some plans before you set off, you can make sure every road trip is a successful one.

Stop off on the way
While it might be tempting to choose the most scenic route to enjoy the view as you drive, or the most direct route in order to get to your final destination as quickly as possible, the best choice is to choose a route that provides you with an opportunity to stop off on the way and visit major attractions other than those at your final destination.

If, for example, your journey takes you through Utah, you could head towards the spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park where you’ll be able to spend time hiking through trails surrounded by stunning cliffs and rock formations. Not only will such a stop break up a long journey, but it can also provide additional adventures.

One of the most fun parts of planning any trip is working out what you will do when you get to your destination. Sit everyone in the family down and work your way through a list of all the possible activities. Unless you are heading somewhere relatively small, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do everything, so deciding on your preferences well in advance is the best way to avoid any upset or arguments later on.

Bring mobile entertainment
Think beyond smartphones and tablets. Though these might keep your children engaged while they are in the vehicle, you need to make sure they get plenty of exercise and have the chance to run around each time you make a rest stop. Taking a football or a frisbee and arranging to play a few rounds as a family is a great way to ensure everyone is getting enough exercise. It’s also a great way to help your children let off some of the steam and frustration that can build up from being confined in a car for long periods of time.

Prepare your car
With all the time you spend making sure every member of the family has everything they need, that you have details of all of your reservations and passes and that everything at home has been switched off and shut down, it’s all too easy to neglect making sure the family car is ready for what lies ahead.

If possible, try to schedule a full maintenance check somewhere in the three months before you make your trip so that you’re aware of any major problems. You might also want to consider replacing your brake pads, if it hasn’t been done for a while, and checking the condition of your spare tire. Ensure your breakdown coverage is still valid.

Pack with care
Even if you have a large vehicle, filling it with items you bring along just in case they are ever needed means less space for everyone else to spread out and be comfortable along the way. Try to pack as little as you possibly can – if you find you need something essential later on, it’s likely to be just as easy to purchase it along the way.

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  • I’ve been wanting to plan a family road trip for a while! Now that my kids are older I’m going to heavily consider it. This post came at the right time, thanks for the tips. We’re gonna try for a little less tech entertainment -old school style!

  • I’m not quite in the family position just yet, but I can definitely appreciate why each of these things would be important, particularly curing the boredom, or at least being proactive about dealing with it and packing entertainment!

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