Affordable Last-Minute Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Does it seem like you are just barely recovering from the money you spent on Christmas and suddenly Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? Of course, you want to do something special for Valentine’s Day, but you’d like it to be affordable. Here are some affordable last-minute date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Visit a planetarium- Planetariums are not only educational, but can be fun and romantic as well. Some planetariums, like the Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium in Madison, Wisconsin and the Morehead Planetarium & Science Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, feature special Valentine’s Day programs and specials.

Take a romantic stroll– Taking a stroll after dinner is a great Valentine’s Day activity, especially if you live in an area where the weather is nice. If you live near the beach, this can make the stroll even more romantic. You can walk, talk, hold hands and just be in each other’s company.

Go for a long drive– Consider taking an unplanned long drive. Just jump in the car, start driving and see where the road takes you.

Cook a romantic meal– If both of you know how to cook, create a romantic meal at home. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a meal you both enjoy. Play some soft music in the background and add a couple of candles to the dinner table for some added romantic flair.

Watch romantic movies– Pop some popcorn, cuddle under your favorite cozy blanket and watch some romantic movies with your sweetheart. Need a few ideas? 1939- Gone with the Wind, 1993- Sleepless in Seattle, 1997- Titanic and 2004- The Notebook.

Go on a coffee date– You don’t have to go to an extravagant restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Instead, head to a local coffee shop or café, order your favorite cup of java and just sit down and take some time to talk for a while.

Roast s’mores by a bonfire– There is nothing better than a nice roaring bonfire on a chilly Valentine’s evening. What could make it even better? Making a sweet treat, like s’mores, with your sweetheart.

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13 Responses to “Affordable Last-Minute Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • I had never celebrated Valentine`s Day as to me, this is just a normal day. From all the suggestions, I like the idea of going to a Planetarium. I always encourage going for experiences and not for standard gifts.

    3 years ago

    Great list for Valentines, since it’s gonna be weekday this year. So I will go for movie and romantic meal. Very affordable indeed! Then end up with desserts 🙂

  • me and my significant other decided to do Valentine’s at home this year rather than getting out in the V-day crowd. I am so excited to cook a romantic meal and enjoy each other’s company. After reading your post, we will definitely add in a romantic stroll as well. thanks! xx

  • I agree you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a lovely date. It could be something as simple as having a stroll, although I liked your idea of visiting the Planetarium. We have one in Greenwich which is near to me in East London.

  • I think this is awesome! I love budget-friendly romantic date ideas that I can do with the hubby. A dinner at home is what I’m aiming for this year. A day out to visit a museum would be lovely too!

  • Practical yet awesome ideas! Being thoughtful and sweet doesn’t always mean expensive and fancy. As the saying goes, its the thoughts that counts.

  • Great ideas. These are great date ideas for anytime of the year. I will be sure to give them a try sometime

  • I am all about the cooking, Whilst I do not have a partner, I have a daughter and I made or favourite meal, affordable, simple and extremely tasty.

  • I think smores on a bonfire would be pretty cool. Although I admit I was watching horror movies with my date. So yeah.. lol. Our own blend of romance.

  • We had a romantic meal on valentines day, it was only steak and chips but it was the first meal we ever ate on our first date!

  • These are great date night ideas for any time of the year! Love the coffee date idea, put the phones away and sit and actually have a conversation with each other. Something that can be hard for long-term couples!

  • For my V-day, the girlfriend and I went on a scavenger hunt! It was kind of odd, cause we were in separate cars and competing against each other. But still, the coolest one I’ve had yet!

  • We never do anything special really on Valentine’s Day. S’mores and bonfires sounds so romantic and cosy though. Definitely a date idea added to my list

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