It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Christmas Trees on Parade

It is the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely just love being a part of the Christmas Trees on Parade, hosted by Terri @ChristmasTreeLane. One of my favorite things to do ever is to decorate our house, especially the Christmas tree and I love to see how others decorate their homes and trees. We always make it a hugely festive event by listening to Christmas music, sipping on hot chocolate or cider and enjoying each other’s company.

I absolutely just LOVE putting up our Christmas tree. This year we have some pretty awesome decorations that I can’t wait to show you all. As part of the Christmas Trees on Parade, host

Tip: Instead of traditional garland to wrap around your tree, use RIBBON! We used two strands of gold sparkly glitter ribbon from K-mart (the Jaclyn Smith collection).

This year I went with a fun “critter” theme, along with a few of my favorite things. Here are a couple of my favorite ornaments this year that I found at Pier One Imports.

Check out all the other Christmas trees from other awesome bloggers in our festive Christmas trees on parade. Special thank you to Christmas Tree Lane today to check out more awesome Christmas trees.

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21 Responses to “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Christmas Trees on Parade

  • Fun! I love looking at others Christmas trees! I’ve got to check out the others.

  • I love your Christmas Tree! We actually don’t have a tree this year because we are spending Christmas in Canada! But if we did have one I’d hope it was as pretty as yours!

  • Your decorations are AMAZING! We decorate our tree every year, then, when we go to other people’s homes, I’m in awe of their trees!

  • Christmas tree decorating should be fun and the less traditional the better. I like what you did with your tree and those critters are so different.

  • I love your Christmas tree! I too love decorating for the holidays. I love the idea of a Parade of trees and seeing what other people have done to theirs. Your tree looks great.

  • So pretty! I love the tree and all the sparkles! Thanks for participating with me!

    Taylor Aube
    3 years ago

    Your tree looks just like mine! I love all of these adorable ornaments, such a gorgeous setting and beautiful Christmas scene!

  • Yes so truly said “It is the most wonderful time of the year”, Great decorations on christmas tree. Happy holidays

  • your decorations are beautiful! every little detail makes everything feel so magical!

  • Thanks for sharing your decorations! I love the idea of using ribbons rather than garland around the tree.

    3 years ago

    I love your ornaments so much! They’re so cute! I love cute little burlap ones and our tree has quite a few of them!

  • What a great link up! I truly love seeing how everyone styles their trees. I wish I had room for more than 1!

  • Very cute! I love ribbon, too. Sometimes I just let them hang all curly-like from the top of the tree. That’s easier with wired ribbon of course. Love your woodland creatures and the mini tree ornament. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  • Your tree is beautiful! Our tree is a little bit of a hot mess this year. But that’s because we have a two year old that would love to pull the entire thing down if she had the chance! 100% non breakables on our big tree!

    3 years ago

    So pretty! I adore Christmas trees and photos of them. My 16 month old completely ruined it tree from the middle down so I’m a little disappointed in ours this year!

  • The critter theme is so cute. It’s kind of like bringing the outdoors inside without worrying about a Christmas Vacation squirrel episode from occurring.

  • Love your Christmas tree and your cute critters! Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

  • What a beautiful tree! I especially love the ribbon topper and gold picks.

  • I love themed trees and your little critters! And I love how the ribbon looks! I’ve never put it on a tree!

  • I am so late I have yet to put my Christmas tree up. Thank you for the inspo

  • It is so cute. We don’t have a specific decoration theme at all. I like the little critters though. I take part in some themed trees for charity.

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