Why Women Love Vintage And Antique Jewelry

“Everything old is new again” is an adage that still reins true for antique and vintage jewelry. Vintage pieces, in particular, remain in fashion. Here’s a look at why antique and vintage items are still so popular.

Over-The-Top is Fashionable

Over-the-top styles are in! Think over-sized rings, massive vintage necklaces, large cuff bracelets – big and antique is beautiful. Also “in” are mirrored and metallic pieces, big beaded bibs, and overall, the 1960s seem to be providing a great deal of inspiration for modern designers. For a little inspiration in vintage beyond the 1960s, remember that the 1940s was also a time when chunky pieces were popular which means Etruscan and Victorian pieces are big, bold, and sought after.

Classic Is Always Popular

If you prefer timeless, elegant, and classy jewelry, antique and vintage are the way to go. Smaller earrings, elegant dangles, and timeless bobs remain very “in.” Take a look at the classic range available https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/.

Buying Antique Jewelry

Most antique jewelry you will find is made of high-quality materials which is why those items have stood the test of time. The fact that a great deal of workmanship went into each piece along with the fact that antique pieces are already valuable based on their age, it’s easy to understand why this type of jewelry sells for higher prices. Another reason antique jewelry remains popular is that there is such a broad range of time periods to choose from. Before you commit to buying a piece, make sure you do plenty of research – there are plenty of counterfeits out there so it is important to source your antiques carefully.

Buying Vintage Jewelry

Unlike antique pieces, vintage jewelry is a little more affordable, but buyers sometimes prefer to pay more because they prefer to use the piece more often instead of storing it away as a keepsake. Previously, antique jewelry was made for high-class affairs and the wealthier citizens, but vintage items were designed for commoners – this is particularly true of retro jewelry. The fact that vintage jewelry can be hard to source makes it that much more popular, especially the fact that you are sure to find a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will have.

Understanding the Jewelry Before Making a Purchase

When buying either vintage or antique jewelry, the most important thing to do is to check out the product images and descriptions if you plan to buy online. Most online jewelry sellers will display their products with clear photos as well as showing both sides and close-up details. It is important to see that the items are in good condition before you make a purchase since jewelry that hasn’t been maintained over the years is not as valuable.

Buying vintage and antique jewelry is a great way to get valuable, unique pieces at favorable prices. Pieces that have obvious defects or wear should be sold at even more reasonable prices, which means you can carefully build up a selection of items to wear.

Best of all, vintage and antique jewelry is timeless and is sure to complement a wide range of outfits and styles!

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