How to Burn Calories While on Vacation

When exploring new places and destinations, it’s only natural to be curious about the cuisine. Let’s face it, indulging in those extra calories is something that just goes hand-in-hand with a fabulous vacation. Unfortunately, when we get back home to reality the scale can be rather unkind, as it’s not exactly difficult to put on weight when you’re on vacation.

So how can you enjoy your vacation to its fullest, sample the various cuisines, and not come home feeling as though your clothes are about to burst? We’ve got a number of tips that you can use that will help battle that bulge even while on holidays.

Opt for an Adventure-Based Activity
Whether you’ve booked an all-inclusive beach vacation, or remote holiday in the gorgeous Bryce Canyon region of Utah, there are always activities that you can take part in. Yes, a vacation is a time to relax and unwind, but getting out to explore the surroundings can be just as rewarding and do your body good, too.

Take for example a vacation in Bryce Canyon. One look at the Bryce Canyon Restaurant menu and your mouth will water, and there’s no reason to fight that craving. This area is perfect for hiking, rafting, swimming, and bicycling. Each of these activities gives you a chance to get up close views of the stunning scenery while burning calories.

Even on that all-inclusive beach vacation that you’ve been thinking about, the beach is the perfect place to enjoy a long walk that will burn all kinds of calories. Many resorts also offer beach activities like volleyball, soccer, darts, and Frisbee, plus there are often water sports like aqua fit classes.

Try Not to Indulge at Each Meal
Rather than be swayed by that buffet at each and every meal, give yourself one big meal a day and then fill up on healthy foods at the other two meals. Opt for fresh fruit, veggies, and lean proteins to give you the energy you need without worrying about the calories.

Don’t Rush While You Eat
People tend to fill up on a lot more food when they rush. If you take your time while you eat, and really savor each and every bite, there’s a good chance you will end up eating less. You’ll also appreciate and taste the food that much better.

Skip the Mixed Drinks
For those heading someone tropical, mixed drinks tend to be the drink of choice. While they are festive, refreshing, and tasty, they are also full of calories thanks to the mixers which are usually juice. If you want to have alcohol, mix it with club soda or soda water instead, or a calorie reduced soda beverage.

Walk as Much as Possible
A vacation is a perfect time to ditch the car and rely on your own two feet as much as possible. Walking gives you a chance to appreciate the sights and surroundings and is extremely healthy for you.

A Healthy and Fun Vacation
By using these simple tricks and tips it’s more than possible to have a healthy and fun vacation that still allows you to indulge here and there.

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19 Responses to “How to Burn Calories While on Vacation

  • I’m one of the strange people in the world and I always end up losing weight when I’m on vacation. Probably because of my food allergies I don’t want to get sick while I’m on vacation but sometimes I do get sick and so naturally I just eat less and I usually come back weighing less.

  • Walking around is the best idea! First, you can explore the area. Second, you burn off all those mixed drinks (cant resist!) in the process! Win-Win!

    robin masshole mommy
    4 years ago

    I normally burn more on vacation than in a regular day. With all the extra walking, etc – I do ok 🙂

  • These are all great tips! I know that I always over indulge on vacation. But then depending on where we are, it weighs out…like Disney World with all that walking!

  • Great tips. We do a lot of Disney World trips and walk miles and miles each day which helps burn calories. Of course then we just eat more yummy Disney food!

  • These are some great tips! I feel like while on vacation we think that we need to live it up and indulge at each meal, but keeping it in check and drinking lots of water along with all the walking should make a difference. Thanks for all the great tips!

  • I love kayaking on vacation and snorkeling. It doesn’t even feel like a workout because its something that I don’t get to do at home. Great tips!

  • These are such great tips! I will definitely keep these in mind for when we travel in the future.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • When I’m on holiday i tend to do more swimming and more walking.

  • While I do tend to indulge in food when I am away I do find that I tend to walk a lot more when I’m on holiday so most of the time it tends to even out x

  • Some people would stick to their diet even on vacation and I think that’s a smart move. You can eat as much as you want so long as it’s within the borders of your diet. I think these are great tips as well.

  • It is hard not to indulge when on vacation. I will say that doing active adventure activities is always awesome! I love doing those types of excursions, they are more fun and they make you feel good.

  • I actually burn a lot of calories while on vacation mainly because, I snack and always on feet. I do watch my drinks though since cocktails can add a lot of empty calories.

  • Love these ideas, while I don’t restrict myself too much on holiday I am always conscious of the “holiday wieght” when I get back so these are some healthy choice options for while we are out there!

  • Great ideas to burn calories while in vacation! Walking around also saves you money on taxis or a rental car or gas and you can see way more when going around by foot!

  • I love running so I run on vacation all the time. I’ve even ran at Disney World. That’s usually the one way I keep healthy and mind my food.

  • When we vacation we always pack lots of water and frozen treats. The heat usually kills us because we head to the south but pops and proper hydration help.

  • When we vacation we always pack lots of water and frozen treats. The heat usually kills us because we head to the south but pops and proper hydration help..

  • I feel like I actually loose weight of vacation because of all the walking I do and the lack of snacking. Maybe I should pretend I’m on vacay all the time.

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