Camping Safety Tips You Need to Know

The hot days of summer are coming and that means that it is time for camping. Families love to get away for a weekend or even a family two-week vacation. While camping is a lot of fun, there are some precautions you should take.

Wild Animals– Many camping spots are surrounded by wooded areas, which means you may encounter a wild animal such as bears, mountain lions, cougars and coyotes. You want to avoid getting near wild animals and do not feed them either. You can watch them at a distance while they are in their natural environment.


Mosquitos– Oh those pesky mosquitos! You are trying to enjoy a nice campfire but instead you find yourself swatting mosquitos left and right. Mosquitos may carry the West Nile Virus, so it is important that before you head out to the campfire, spray everyone with bug spray that contains DEET. DEET is designed to deter and repel mosquitos.

Sun Protection– It is important to wear sunscreen when you are outdoors in the summer. Even if it is an overcast day outside, your skin can still get sunburned in a short period of time.

Campfires- Campfires are great for roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories or just relaxing with family. However, they can also be dangerous if you don’t take a few precautions. Make sure the fire pit is not on grass or close to trees, bushes and shrubs. Never use things like diesel fuel, lighter fluid or gasoline to start a campfire, as these may cause serious injuries. Also, always keep a pail of water close by, just in case of emergency.

Swimming– Depending on where you are camping, there may be a lake or river. If you plan on going swimming, be sure you check the weather forecast first since weather conditions can change rapidly. Also, be sure to swim only in designated areas, usually marked off with ropes and buoys and enter the water feet first, rather than diving in, until you know the water’s depth.

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21 Responses to “Camping Safety Tips You Need to Know

    robin rue
    4 years ago

    Mosquitoes are bad news around here. They are always the source of West Nile and EEE in the summer.

  • We haven’t taken our kids camping yet but we’re hoping to this summer or next. Sunscreen is a must!

  • Camping is meant to be fun but you definitely need to take some precautions. These are great safety tips that should be followed.

  • Oh my gosh! That picture of the otter is soooo cute! Thanks for the tips! We are relatively new to camping so it’s good to know.

  • Mosquitos around here can lift and carry you off. 🙂 All kidding aside, we have to take extra creams due to the allergy effect of mosquito bites on my skin. They can turn into welts in minutes.

  • I haven’t camped in ages! I am definitely a fancy camper. I love love fire though, they are the best thing about camping! Precautions when adventuring into the forest is always a good thing!

  • We love going camping with family and friends. This Summer we’re going to a Spring and cannot wait to see it. The mosquitos are annoying though!

  • My boyfriend and I love camping! As I learned the hard way, mosquitoes are no joke! I once went camping with just a little patch of skin showing between my jeans and my socks, and after being up late telling stories with friends around the fire, I woke up the next morning with blown up ankles full of bites from the little mosquito buggers! Now I know bug spray is necessary thing.

  • Great tips! And so so true, especially with kids! I love camping, i think we may have to pass this summer, as I will be super preggo, but we will def be going next year!

  • Mosquitoes love me. They see me and think that I am a tasty snack. I will need to take extra care when we go camping. We are planning to do some of it this summer, if we can get it all worked out.

  • Very helpful tips about how to make sure your kids are safe when camping especially when you’re not there to look after them. Making a checklist of the things that they need is important so that you know that you have all the safety measures covered.

  • These are great tips! Camping can be super fun, but I also can see how you could easily get into trouble. Especially if kids are tagging along, I feel like these tips are really important.

  • I remember wanting to see some animals when we went camping. Not that I would want to run into a bear. Camping can be really fun if you plan ahead and keep safety in mind

    4 years ago

    Great tips to know for the fun summer ahead. Helps to be prepared and know what to look out for your family’s safety.

  • Great tips! I love a good campfire sing along. But please do be careful! My son was accidently set on fire by his cousin a few years back. Very scary! He’s fine now but doesn’t like fire!

  • Oh my god that otter gif though haha! Brilliant tips – I’m not a huge fan of camping not gonna lie but my boyfriend wants to go so badly because he’s never been! These will come handy xx

  • I hate mosquitos! But I also hate bug spray! I always try to find a natural bug repellant but more often than not, they don’t work as well as chemical-filled ones.

  • This is perfect. My son and husband are thinking about going camping this year. Neither are really what you would call outdoorsy types. They definitely need some safety tips! I’m worried they’ll get eaten by bears!

  • We have a lot of mosquitos in FL, so I always wear something to protect against that. I personally dont like to go in the water if I cant see whats in there LOL, I’m deathly afraid of being eaten by a gator. I love camping though, its such a fun thing to do with friends, or family

  • My kids keep asking me to take them camping. I’m not an outdoorsy person so this definitely helps me on how to prepare.

  • I work with a client who is allergic to mosquitos and its just so awful sometimes. Good things to know now!

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