Pot of Gold Crafts for Kids

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday. It entails the color green, little leprechauns, colorful rainbows and of course, the pot of gold. Here are some easy and fun pot of gold crafts for kids.

Terracotta Pot of Gold Craft

Terracotta pot
Black paint
Paint brush
Shreds of newspaper
Gold wrapped chocolate coin candies

Start by using the paint brush and black paint to paint the terracotta pot and allow it to dry completely. After it is dried, fill the terracotta about three-fourths of the way with the shredded newspaper. Then, add in the gold chocolate candies on top of the newspaper.

Pot of Gold Collage Craft

Paper cup
Black paint
Paint brush
White construction paper
Markers in rainbow colors
Yellow tissue paper, cut into small pieces and crumbled

Start by cutting the paper cup in half, keeping only one half of it. Paint the cup with 2 coats of black paint, using your paint brush and allow to completely dry. On a white piece of construction paper, trace the image of a rainbow with the pencil, then color it in using the markers. Next, glue the paper cup underneath the rainbow design. Then, glue the crumbled yellow pieces of tissue paper inside the top of the paper cup.

Cupcake Liner Pot of Gold Craft

Cardstock paper in colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
Cardstock paper in light green and light blue
Black cupcake liner
Gold sequins

The sheet of light blue cardstock will be your main paper. Cut the rainbow colors and light green cardstock into 1-inch strips. Next, glue the light green paper strip onto the bottom of the light blue sheet. Then, glue one strip of each rainbow color, starting at the top edge of the paper, to form a rainbow. Then, fold the cupcake liner about one-fourth of the way. Next, glue the top of the cupcake liner under the rainbow design on your sheet. Add some glue to the top of the cupcake liner and add gold sequins.

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20 Responses to “Pot of Gold Crafts for Kids

  • How cute and creative is this DIY craft for kids? The pot of gold is always a hit – and a fun way to talk about rainbows too!

  • These are so cute! My son loves the show Creative Galaxy and wants us to make a rainbow! Sounds like I found the right project!

  • These crafts look like a lot of fun. My kids would love to do them!

  • This is so cute! I had so much fun with pipe cleaners when I was little, and I will definitely be excited to play with them again when I have kids, haha! I love this idea.

  • Oh these are awesome! I love black Terracotta pots! You could totally use them for planting later too! I’ll have to remember this craft for when my nephews are out next!

  • These are all so cute! I especially love the first one with the pot. These would all be fun to try out with my daughter here soon.

  • Such a cute and simple craft to do with the kids! My boys will love to do this and its simple enough for them to make! I love it!

  • This looks like an excellent project to do with the kids at this time of the year.
    I like the simple fact there is chocolate involved! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, these are so cute! I love how simple this is, it would be great to do with little ones.

  • These are so sweet and would be a fun party idea for the kids too! We’ve been looking for some St. Patricks Day crafts!

  • These are so cute! My kids would love to make them. We don’t really celebrate St Patricks Day but these could be made for any occasion.

  • These look like a lot of fun for a teacher to make with her students in a classroom. Super cute!

  • These look so cute! And how easy are they to make, literally anyone can make these! What a fab idea!! xx

  • These look so fun and easy. My kids always talk about wanting to go hunt for a pot of gold, so maybe I will make these for them to go hunt for.

  • That is such a cute idea!! A couple of years ago I helped decorate an Irish themed party at work. I wish I would have had these there!!

  • That is such a cute craft idea I love seeing all these st. patrick’s day decore and craft ideas. This would be so much fun for kids to do

  • These crafts make me wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephew. Each time I visit them we always do something fun and I know they would love to make pots of gold.

  • That is cute! Kids will love this for St. Patrick’s Day. Crafts like these are great to keep kids occupied.

  • That’s an awesome idea! I love that you can make this without hassle. I think it’s adorable as well. I’m sure it’s going to be a huge hit with the kids!

  • I adore these ideas. I particular like the first one because candy can be enjoyed. Your so creative. I’m going to try it with my kids

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