How to Avoid Common Errors When Ordering Flowers Online

Making purchases online is a very straightforward task: you go to a website, find the thing you like, add to cart, fill out information, and then check out. However, would you believe that we sometimes get things wrong, like something as menial as writing the address on the information form? Yes, it happens even if it is for pizza, clothes, and for online flower delivery services.

Oh, you would think that ordering flowers online is a no-brainer, but mistakes can be committed, even by the best of us. To avoid these there are a couple of measures that will have to be kept in mind when ordering online. These are simple things we need to check when filling out forms and finalising our orders.

Here is a checklist that can guide you throughout the flower purchase process.

Double check the address of the recipient

Before checking out, make sure that you have typed in the correct information of the recipient like the address or their name. Errors could be as simple as misspelt street name or the wrong house number, so make sure to double check the information.

Ask the florist about tracker codes

Some online shops offer tracker codes or reference numbers to allow customers to monitor the progress of their purchase. Make sure to ask the florist if they also offer the same service; however, if they do not ask if you can be contacted before and after the delivery has been made. This will allow you to check if the drop off is going to be done on time.

Choose a florist that is within or near the recipient’s area

Another countermeasure in assuring that the delivery will be made on time is if you choose a florist that caters to the area the recipient lives in. This will make it easier for them to deliver the flowers on time and to ensure the quality of the flowers remain to be top notch.

Consider providing additional information that is important

Is there a road construction happening on the way to their house? Can you list down specific landmarks and markers that can help the rider find the house? If so, these would be information that would help ensure that the delivery makes it in time, especially of the house is quite hidden from view.

These are simple tips to keep in mind when ordering something for your loved ones. There is nothing greater than making them happy through an ocean full of their favourite flowers in the morning, so let us not ruin the surprise by delaying it.

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  • I order flowers online all the time and I agree that it’s easier to find a nearby florist! It’s also super handy when they provide a tracking code!

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