Leveraging Tech to Make Parenting Easier: 3 Essential Tips

As a parent, my to-do list is literally never ending.

Just when I feel like I’m starting to get things under control so I can enjoy a minute or two of downtime, something has to come up. The dog has fleas, the littles need half of the hardware store to do an at-home science experiment, or my car needs to be serviced.

My issue is that I try to take it all on, and I try to take it all on myself… But, as a wise man once said, the secret to balance is a little thing called delegation.

Thankfully, I’ve found some amazing resources that have not only simplified my life big time, but have also created more time for our family to connect and enjoy each other’s company, without the stress.

Here are three essential tech resources every parent should have on hand, to keep life as simple as possible.

Blue Apron

I am still, to this day, in complete admiration of the parents who somehow manage to cook amazing family meals every night, on top of everything else. Don’t get me wrong – I love cooking, but only when I have the time to do it, and don’t need to worry about running off to the grocery store to fill the gaps, or plan out a dinner that everyone will actually like.

Blue Apron takes the hassle out of family meals. The service lets you specify your meal preferences, and then it will send you the (pre-measured) ingredients for meals the day-of, so all you need to do is follow their recipe instructions and enjoy. This is a major time (and stress!) saver that every parent should have for the back-burner at least one night a week.

Task Rabbit

You know that list of to-do’s that you’ve had scribbled on the kitchen blackboard for ages, but just can’t seem to get around to doing? The real reason you ‘can’t’ cross them off is that you actually just don’t want to do them.

This is where Task Rabbit comes in. With the touch of a button, you can use the app (or website) to delegate errands or annoying tasks (think unpacking or assembling IKEA furniture) to a trusted somebody else. So, you get the satisfaction of crossing that item off your list, without the hassle. Not bad.


OurPact is a modern necessity for parents. This free app help you keep screen time in check through at-a-touch or automated blocking of internet and apps on kids devices… Remotely.

Next time you’ve made (your Blue Apron) dinner, instead of arguing with your kids to put their Angry Birds away, you can tap a button to block devices for an hour… Or set up a schedule to make sure screens aren’t used past bedtime (anyone who knows a cranky, under-slept kid knows this is key). The reviews speak for themselves; this top-rated app is the kind of thing you can’t imagine you ever lived without once you have it.

Madison Main
When Madison isn't tending to her job at a bank, she is hauling her 5 children to soccer practice and other activities. Main is also a speech and drama coach at the local high school.

5 Responses to “Leveraging Tech to Make Parenting Easier: 3 Essential Tips

  • Sounds like you have found some tools that work perfect for you! That is such a good feeling to find new resources that you can’t imagine living with out.

  • Megan@live.com'
    Megan mccoig
    4 years ago

    Some great ideas. Blue Apron sounds the best to me. Cooking is something I find you need time for so this would really help save a lot of time and effort!

  • These are all new apps to me but they certainly would make life easier. I’m a chronic list maker so I think Task Rabbit would help me the most.

  • I’m liking that last one. I went to the mall today and this kid was in the stroller watching TV. How do you know when the technology is excessive?

  • Some great tips! I particularly like the sound of the blue apron. I’m put off by cooking but if it was made this straight forward for me I would love it!

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