HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: ArcKit For Your Little Builder

Whether you are looking for that last minute holiday gift or birthday gift for the kiddo in your life, here is a gift you can be proud to give. I know when it comes to gift giving, I love giving gifts that kids can learn something from.

And so, I introduce to you Arckit.

Arckit is a creative, freeform model building system (see image below) that is opening the world of architecture to everyone. Kids call it “Reality Minecraft” and adults call it “Legos for Grownups.” Arckit is a whole new way for everyone to spontaneously explore and build their ideas, opening up architectural design to everyone. The result is a beautifully built structure you don’t mind displaying in your home OR you can build over and over again with the high quality components. If you are looking for online fun Arckit has FREE online access to Arckit Digital components within the SketchUp 3D Warehouse – password is ‘arckit’.

Here’s an example in sketchfab: HERE. So you can build your house and then design it online in SketchUp or vice versa.

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

5 Responses to “HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA: ArcKit For Your Little Builder

  • I have a Lego maniac who I bet this would really appeal to. What a cool, unique gift idea this is!

    Terri Steffes
    4 years ago

    This looks like a really awesome kit. I think my two nephews would love e to have this to explore with!

  • What is the age range on this? I’m asking as my 2 yrs old niece would love this. She a little builder. xx

  • My son loves all building kits, and I think they are really beneficial to development. This looks like a really good one! thanks for the review. đŸ™‚

  • What a very cool idea! I’m so interested in not only getting one for my kids, but myself as well.

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