Tips for Studying While Raising Young Kids

Tips for Studying While Raising Young Kids


Rearing small children while simultaneously pursuing a degree will present many challenges in your everyday life, but it is completely doable. One of the advantages of completing a doctor of nursing practice degree online from Bradley University is that students have the ability to create study schedules that work best with their individual lifestyles. Whether you work the graveyard shift or have a growing family that requires your undivided attention, it is possible to adapt your study habits so that none of your responsibilities are neglected. Collect your coursework, create a time-based study outline and start blocking out the periods of time that you are certain you will have to yourself. Getting organized ahead of or at the beginning of a semester can really aid in keeping you on target.

Study as a Family
For parents raising a young family, your biggest difficulty will be finding undisturbed quiet periods where you can really focus. If your children are old enough to communicate, you can try explaining what you need to do as simplistically as possible, and then ask if they’d like to study alongside of you. You may not be able to get as much studying as you’d like done in this type of setting, but the premise is to get your children accustomed to the idea of their parent going to school and performing tasks they are already familiar with. Once they have gotten used to their parent needing time to study, children will usually offer to pitch in wherever they can. Soon, you may notice your children staying quiet during designated study periods, or even see them working to keep their siblings’ behavior in check so that you are able to stay on task.

Keep Study Sessions Short
With the number of doctorate in nursing practice and other adult distance learning students increasing, more parents are having to contend with the reality of maintaining their study schedules with children present. As children grow and become more independent, more time is made for their parents to have to themselves. Try studying in shorter intervals when your kids are busy eating, getting ready for school or playing. Studying for 15 minutes here and there may not seem like a lot, but when you add up how much time that amounts to daily, you can easily meet your study requirements.

Studying on the Go
If you have young kids, undoubtedly you spend much of your time transporting them from place to place. Think about how much time you spend taking your children to birthday parties, shopping trips and dentist appointments. While maintaining their busy schedules, you can also continue to work on your doctor of nursing practice online degree. Carry your study materials with you when you travel with your children, and small windows of opportunity to study will naturally present themselves.

Sometimes you are just going to have to make do with the amount of time that is available for you to study for your doctor of nursing practice online degree. Learn to make time for studying by going over your daily schedule regularly, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments if they will be of benefit to your family, overall. If that means that the best time for you to study is at night, consider changing your sleeping patterns so that you will be well rested and ready to go once the kids are safely tucked in. Ask for help when you need it, take advantage of the time that you have between semesters and involve your kids in your studies so that they realize that your efforts are to help your family bond even closer

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7 Responses to “Tips for Studying While Raising Young Kids

  • These are great tips. I think it also helps to have a great support unit. Thankfully, my husband was my rock that held down the fort when I was in serious study mode. The kids’ naptime was another lifesaver. 🙂

  • I love to tip to keep study sessions short. Short and sweet keep your brain ready and able to take in the most. You have to have lots of sessions though if they are going to be short!!

    4 years ago

    These are all great tips! It must be tough to study with kids around, but I love that you are able to do it together and keep the sessions short & sweet!! 🙂

  • I agree, this is really tough to do, but well worth it. I earned my Masters while raising my daughter, and having support made everything much easier.

  • It’s so tough with babies at home. I try to get work done during the day and just end up staying up at night instead. Love the tips. Will have to try

    Reesa Lewandowski
    4 years ago

    I have been out of school for a long, long time and I couldn’t imagine studying now! These are great tips!

  • Studying on the go is so key! I created a little mobile office/study center so that I can study anytime, anywhere!

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