Joining the Craze: #GrouponCoupons

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I have heard so much about Groupon, so I decided to check them out. I’ve always been a fan of saving money…not an obsessed couponer, but when I can save money on items I buy regularly, that rocks!

Did you know that Groupon offers coupons? Groupon Coupons allows you to search for discounts at some of your favorite stores. And when I mean favorite stores, I mean stores you visit regularly. Hello, Target! Hello, Walmart! Hello, Walgreens! There are literally HUNDREDS of stores that accept Groupon Coupons.

Through Groupon Coupons, you can search by store or by category. I have a bit of an obsession with Sephora and I need (yes, NEED) some new makeup soon. There’s Groupon Coupons for that. Also, I plan on taking the kiddos to a movie this weekend. Guess what? There’s a coupon for Fandango too! There are coupons for some of my favorite stores including Sephora, Bed Bath & Beyond and even Petsmart, for our little furry family members.

This website is so organized and really easy to use! If you like to save money, I recommend checking out Groupon Coupons.

Have you ever tried Groupon Coupons?

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16 Responses to “Joining the Craze: #GrouponCoupons

  • When I need something online, I always check on Groupon first. They always have fantastic deals!

  • Groupon definitely has awesome deals! I make it a point to check on them first before I go shopping. A little savings here and there can go a long way!

  • Groupon Coupons is the best thing to come along in a long time. I’ve been a huge fan of Groupon for years, and I love that they’ve moved into the coupon arena.

    5 years ago

    I love groupon coupons! I’ve found some pretty awesome deals on there I couldn’t have found anywhere else! Great service!

  • I have used Groupon a few times before. They always have what I need for a great deal

  • I should really use Groupon Coupons more often. They always seem to have a good selection!

  • Groupon coupons are amazing! I have found some fantastic deals on that site.

  • I use Groupon all the time, but I’ve never paid attention to the coupons. I will check that out, thanks for letting me know!

  • I love Groupon! And they keep coming up with better and better deals, as far as I’m concerned!

  • I’ve never used groupon. With the latest round of sponsored blog posts I’ve learned so much about where they can be used.

  • I’ve been using Groupon coupons for years. They are a great way to save some money on your household budget.

  • I’m a huge fan of Groupon and have purchased plenty of my fair share of certificates. I like to zero in on new restaurants and experiences, like playing glow-golf, bowling, or going to a trampoline park. I haven’t used Groupon Coupons yet.

    5 years ago

    Groupon is seriously the best!!!!! I always check groupon before buying anything!

  • I need to try Groupon coupons! I haven’t logged into my Groupon page in ages. I’ll give it a shot!

  • I love Groupon so much & have been using their coupons for long as they come up with some great deals that helps in saving money. I almost step in every day to find the best deals & make the best use oi it!

  • I must admit i am a huge fan of Groupon. I do a lot of shopping there.

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