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Money is always important

Whether we like it or not financial freedom in the form of sufficient money is very important for all human beings. This requires every individual on this planet to have an adequate basic understanding of financial management. We should only use money for those things which are really necessary in order to live life adequately but once those things has been obtained you should ensure that you always keep something in reserve. It is a fact of life that many people never learn the value of saving money but it is so essential to make provision for a possibly uncertain future. Just consider for a moment the changes which people have experienced only in the last decade. Every one thought that the US property market will remain healthy for many decades but within a very short period of time people’s hopes were dashed in the recession of 2008. This has led to substantial changes in the way in which mortgages is allocated in the US making it more difficult for people to qualify for a mortgage loan. Likewise the increases in the cost of medication in the US has caught many people offguard leading to tremendous medical debts which people simply cannot afford. So many people are in continual competition with family, friends and colleagues to see who can have the latest home appliance first or the latest model motor vehicle or some luxury addition to the family home and all of these things is leading to unnecessary financial pressure.

Financial acumen is very important

Those who focus their lives around those things which they really need instead of acquiring unnecessary luxuries will find it significantly easier to save money. This could have many benefits because when opportunities arises such as further education then they will have the financial means to pay for those things without the need to borrow large amounts of money at interest. The ability therefore to budget carefully and to only spend money on genuine necessities is a really beneficial because it will place such an individual in a better position to deal with the pressures of life and the rising cost of living. Far too many people live their lives in the short term and they only concern themselves with what they could acquire a right now regardless of the cost. However from the time that people start work at the age of 20 it will be 40 years before they reach the age of retirement. However that time could pass very quickly indeed and if no provision has been made, people can find themselves in a desperate situation where they are no longer able to maintain their normal standard of life and this could lead to many problems. There is a lot of professional advice and also assistance available online such as at writing academic papers.

People need long-term goals

People have misconceptions regarding money and far too many people believe that financial wealth could help them to be happier people but this is simply not true. There are many celebrities and other millionaires in the business world who has even more problems than people who does not have all of that money. Therefore having all kinds of luxury possessions will never be able to bring people genuine happiness because true happiness is something which comes from within and it definitely cannot be purchased with money. People need to change their thinking process and also their attitude about money and financial management. Far too many decisions which are made by people is made for selfish reasons and no attempt is made to consider the consequences of those decisions and actions. This is also regularly occurring among teenagers who has never learned the real value of money, how to budget and therefore these teenagers do a whole range of stupid things and many of them never recover from those youthful mistakes. This is very sad but unfortunately it is something which is happening every day all across this planet and thousands of young lives is ruined because of adults is not interested and they simply do not care enough to provide those young people with effective guidance.
Children should learn financial management

The quicker a child is exposed to financial management the better will be their chances to succeed as far as budgets and the saving of finances is concerned. They need to learn that they alone will be responsible for their financial management and therefore they alone will have to deal with the consequences of their actions as far as money is concerned. Millions of people all over the planet are finding them in tough situations financially because of a wrong decisions as far as financial management is concerned. People must always remember that humans have a limited life expectancy and with time our bodies deteriorate and there will come a time when we may no longer be able to maintain our current standard of life and we must make provision for those times. Therefore your mortgage should be fully paid and all study loans should be paid when a person goes on pension in order to avoid unnecessary pressure on those finances which will have to last that person for a further 20 or 30 years. We have to keep something in reserve for unexpected hardships such as sickness, vehicle accidents and a whole range of other situations. It is vitally important to have some kind of emergency resources in order to be able to deal with those unexpected emergencies.

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  • A lot of great info in this essay. A great way for people to learn to budget.

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    Ooo definitely a great resource for writers!!! Essay writing is a challenging task

  • I tried to teach my daughter the importance of buying only what you need instead of everything you want. I certainly hope she learned the lesson well. She is off to college now and could use some essay writing skills.

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  • I have always been terrible with money from a young age and I wish someone had taught me how to budget. I am finding it very hard as an adult.

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