Kid’s DIY Gift Boxes

Kid’s DIY Gift Boxes

Summer is here and you are probably trying to come up with ways to keep the kids busy. Why not try some useful crafts? All you need is a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll) to start with. You can always find those around the house, so why not put them to good use?
The kids can decorate the roll with markers, paint or stickers. Basically whatever you have around the house. Fabric scraps would also work.
We decided to use gift wrap since it would be easier for the kids to work with. This is great for holidays or birthdays. We cut a piece of birthday gift wrap that would fit around the tube (make the paper just a little bit longer.)
The kids can then glue the gift wrap all the way around the tube so that it covers it (you will have a tiny overlap, but that is okay.)
If you use tp rolls the gift box is pretty small. You could put a note or poem, or maybe jewelry inside. If you use the paper towel roll then you will have a bit more room for a gift.
Once you have your gift inside you just need to pinch the ends together and tape them shut (just like wrapping a gift!)
The kids can get creative and add as many embellishments as they would like. If you have plain wrapping paper or fabric add some glitter or buttons. You can also put ribbon on the boxes to add a festive look.
These would also be great to make for the holidays. Use up some of your leftover Christmas wrap and let the kids make little boxes up to use later. Let their creativity loose and have fun!
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33 Responses to “Kid’s DIY Gift Boxes

    Ann Bacciaglia
    5 years ago

    This is a fun craft for kids. We had a art station for the kids when they were younger. They love to be creative.

  • It would be a long long summer if we don’t find activities for the kids to do. This would be a great idea. They can keep their little gift boxes and use them for birthdays or for Christmas. Thanks for the idea!

  • This is such a fun idea. One child can make a gift and give it to another.

    5 years ago

    What a great idea! My kids love helping making things like this! So they’d love to do something like this!

  • So cute, especially for sleepover projects that don’t break the bank! My youngest stepdaughter will have a few of her friends over this month, we’ll definitely have to save those tp rolls ;).

  • Very fun and simple. Great for giving small gifts!

  • Loving the creativity and recycling ideas in this post! The activity to create a poem inside is amazing!
    Karen |

  • What a great idea! This sounds super easy.The gift wrap you used is super cute.

  • that is a fun craft for kids. My nieces are here this summer so i will have to try this.

  • I remember my mom saving these for Vacation Bible School! We’d make all kinds of things with them! So much fun to be had.

  • This is simple which I LOVE! My toddler will love this.

  • What a fantastic idea. We have a kids day here. I must get the finger out and get cracking on this.

  • Such a clever and green idea, using a toilet paper roll for a gift box! thanks for the excellent suggestion!!!!!

  • This is cute and good to keep the kiddies busy.
    I like these projects for the kids.

    Robin Ruehrwein
    5 years ago

    These are really cute! I love the idea of gift boxes and doing them yourself is cool!

    Krystle Cook
    5 years ago

    I have made some of these before. Your is so cute!

  • We make a lot of crafts with toilet paper rolls in our house! They are such a fun medium to create from.

  • Making these gift boxes from scratch is such a great idea. I never have time to get to the store and buy gift boxes when I have an event to attend.

    Reesa Lewandowski
    5 years ago

    This is such a nice idea for kids. You can really make it for any occasion!

  • This is a great gift wrapping idea. I’m horrible at gift wrap so I might even use this! haha. Also a great Summer craft for kids!

  • That looks so simple! Even my son could do it lol I’m usually the one that gift wraps all the presents but he loves to help.

  • very cute and easy to make, great summer activity to do with the kids too =)

  • Such a wonderful idea to keep the kids busy involved with some creative DIY works which they will get so much involved. Looks very easy to do & they could make a practice of doing & presenting to their friends.

  • I know this is something the kids would love to do too. They do like to get creative!

  • What an easy idea and money saver too~

    5 years ago

    We stopped buying birthday cards to make our own. They’re so costly! I love the idea of DIY gift boxes.

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    We make our own cards, but I never thought to do this. I will have to try this with the kids.

    5 years ago

    Creativity at its best! Such innovation in kids gifts. Absolutely enjoyed your description and display of the DIY process. Think trying them with kids is the most beautiful gift in itself!

  • What a great idea this is! I love how easy it is and how it allows kids to use their imagination and creativity!

  • This is such a cute idea. I think kids would love creating this DIY and receive it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • What a lovely little craft! Sounds like it would be great for some kind of class holiday party 🙂

  • These are fun crafts. I love how despite technology taking over, we are still using tp rolls for crafts. I used them for crafts when I was a kid and my kids still use them as well.

  • Ha! I have a bunch of these waiting to go in the recycling. I know I’ll be pulling them out of the bin and keeping the kids busy! Thank you!

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