Make Sure Your Little One Gets That #SecondHug


Welcome your little one to the world with Huggies Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes. When I welcomed my newborn to the world a year ago, my family and friends asked me what I wanted for a baby gift. My response??? Diapers. You can never have enough diapers. When asked what brand, without hesitation, I said HUGGIES!


Why I love Huggies so much is that they are so gentle on a baby’s bottom. The GentleAbsorb* Liner (sizes N-2) has tiny, soft pillows that provide a cushiony layer of protection between your baby’s skin and the mess.

Also super cool is the color-changing wetness indicator lets you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed. So perfect for that first time mom! The breathable outer cover helps keep your baby comfortable and lets their skin breathe. And, to protect your baby’s naturally perfect skin, Huggies diapers are fragrance and lotion free.

Love Huggies diapers as much as I do? If you are a Sam’s Club member like I am, get a $10 off Sam’s Club e-Gift card when you purchase two Huggies products (Little Snugglers and/or Natural Care Wipes), and you will also get the $3 instant savings that come with being a Sam’s Club member!

Here’s how it works:

Buy any two Little Snugglers diapers and/or Natural Care wipes and get a $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card by following the below instructions:

Buy any two packages of Little Snugglers diapers and/or Natural Care wipes between 5/9/16-6/30/16, snap a photo of your receipt and email/text it to by 7/15/16. You will receive a code and instructions within minutes to get your $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card.


You will also get $3 in instant savings off Huggies Diapers at Sam’s Club from 5/11-6/4.


What an awesome deal, right? Now is the time to get those savings on Huggies. Get the deal here.'
Madison Main
When Madison isn't tending to her job at a bank, she is hauling her 5 children to soccer practice and other activities. Main is also a speech and drama coach at the local high school.

56 Responses to “Make Sure Your Little One Gets That #SecondHug

  • I’m not a mom, but the little boy I used to nanny for always wore these! I’ll pass this along to my mom friends 🙂

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    I always used Huggies products when my boys were babies. I was very happy with them.

  • I love seeing baby posts. My bab is 30 and not expecting anytime soon. So I will goo and gaa on your post. So adorable. Oh, and I’ll pass the message on to my friends with babies!

  • Aw what a precious little one. My sister in law uses huggies all the time. My son is past diaper stage but we used huggies when he was little.

  • I completely agree- diapers are the BEST baby shower gift you can give anyone!!!!

  • So adorable, my little one is about to turn a year old and we love Huggies. Will share this on FB page too. Great for new moms.

  • What a great deal. We flip flopped between Huggies and Pampers with both of our kids.

  • What a thoughtful post! My friend has a newborn and she uses Huggies! They have withstood the test of time 🙂

  • Huggies are great. They do make extra soft baby products.

  • You are so right that diapers are always helpful…you go through them sooo fast! And since we use so many diapers…deals are always a good thing!

  • Diapers are the most “expensive” of all baby items because you should never run out of them and keep on buying until the children are potty trained. I love diaper brands that are gentle on babies’ skin. Huggies is the brand my kids grew up with.

  • We had to change from another name brand to Huggies when my boys were babies due to a reaction to the glue in the diapers. Strange. But we were super happy with Huggies. They did the job awesome!

  • I’m way past the baby stage, but Huggies was the brand I used for all 4 of my kids. I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday, so I’ll have to swing by Sam’s and grab a pack.

    Ann Bacciaglia
    5 years ago

    I like to give Huggies Little Snugglers with my baby shower gifts. They really hug the baby’s little body.

  • We used Huggies on my son- it was our favorite. It seemed like they fit him the best of all the brands. I’ll stop by and buy some for my friend who is having a baby. You’re right, it’s a great gift 🙂

  • When my daughter was little, she always wore Huggies. Many of the other brands broke her out, and gave here horrible rashes. Huggies seemed to work great for her!

  • Natural wipes? That is awesome. This reminds me of having a wipe warmer for both of my kids when they were babies.

  • That picture of your baby is simply adorable. Look at how he stretches out…I love the idea of Huggies giving you a second hug!

  • Whether someone uses cloth or disposables, diapers are ALWAYS a good baby gift. Huggies are a really good brand of disposables. Less expensive than the other big name, but more absorbent and leak-proof than the cheap brands.

  • I’ve got some of these in preparation for the twins arriving this summer! Hopefully they work well for them!

    • Oh my gosh twins! Congrats! I think I would trust Huggies to your double ‘doodie’ needs. Bahaha… I am hilarious.

    5 years ago

    We ADORE huggies. They are by far my favourite I find the other leading brand to have a weird smell right out of the box and are rough, buggies are not! Will be stocking up soon for my newest addition coming this Summer!

  • Huggies brand has been around a long time.
    They must be doing something right.

  • Huggies is such a great and reliable brand! Love the second hug thing – so adorable!

  • That is one of the cutest new baby pictures ever! We loved Huggies too.

  • Just bought some for a baby shower. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Aw… loving seeing the baby photos! And thanks for the suggestion about diapers. I never thought to give them as a shower gift.
    Karen |

  • Huggies are the best! One bit of advice I pass down is do not purchase generic diapers unless you enjoy loads of extra laundry!

  • This is what we use! They work so well for our littlest, and I am so pleased with no leaks – that was a big one 🙂

  • We used these exclusively with our twins!! Huggies is awesome about sending extra coupons to parents with multiples and the poins add up quick! I was able to get alot for fun stuff for my kids.

  • The one thing I get as well is diapers too. You can never go wrong with them and buy them in all sizes because before you know it that newborn will be wearing a size 2.

  • Both kids have only used Huggies. I have tried other brands and regretted that!

  • wow, i have a friend expecting a little one this fall and will have to let her know about this

  • You are so smart! Diapers make the absolutely best gift ever! It is always smart to give someone diapers!

  • I agree, you can never have enough Diapers & that’s what I do always prefer when I had both my kids. I have always used Huggies products for my kids & these are definitely a great gift option for new moms.

  • I cloth diapered for my last baby and got a package of Huggies from the hospital. Lifesaver for that first week when I was too tired to even fathom washing baby diapers!

  • Diapers are always a great gift for new and experienced mommas alike! I’ve heard that the only way to go for disposable diapers is Huggies!

  • I love that these are gentle on baby’s skin. You can never be too careful with what you expose their delicate little bodies to.

  • Pbkourtneelynne@gmail.con'
    5 years ago

    We just love huggies!!!!! They fit my daughter perfectly and I love how thick the wipes are!

  • With both kids, we only use Huggies. I tried other brands and hate all! Love buggies!

  • My mom always bought Huggies when my brother and I were babies! She still buys the Huggies’ baby wipes!

    Megan McCoig
    5 years ago

    I know most mothers swear by Huggies, I know my mum did! A great reputation they have! I’m not a mum but I will definitely use them 🙂

  • I love the way you’ve described these products, so much detail! I’m not a mother, but this sounds like a great brand!

  • When my 4 kids were small, Huggies was always the brand I used for my children. So reliable and my kids have sensitive skin and they make great products to assist in the treatment as well.

  • I remember when son wa that little. I miss the baby stage. we used Huggies sometimes adn they were great.

  • DIapers are always great for a new parent. However, I have a lot of friends who are very picky about their brands.

  • I used Huggies for my boys after they got an allergy to Pampers glue. Weird. Anyways, they worked awesome.

  • We always used Huggies products. With twins they are great at sending higher value coupons and the points added up pretty quickly. We got a lot of fun freebies!

  • Such a darling baby! I shared your info with a neighbor who had a baby today!!

  • Definitely dont miss the diaper days. I always loved Pampers. Now every time my daughter sees a Pampers commercial, she goes, I used to wear those!

  • I loved Huggies when I kids were babies – especially the natural care wipes! I am sharing this info with two friends who have babies, this is a great offer.

  • We are a Huggies family! It is always what we have abought and I love using them!

  • While I’m no longer in need of diapers I have a friend who just gave birth who can use all the savings she can get. Will be sharing this.

  • I don’t have any little ones but I know that those diapers add up quickly! I have a friend who’s a few weeks off delivery so I’ll pass this along. I know she’ll be wanting to save some $$ for sure!

  • I’m a stepmom who never had babies of her own… I feel blessed to have got my boys after the hard part (potty training!) was already done!

  • I WISH there was a Sam’s Club near me. I’m going to be needing a lot of diapers soon!

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