8 Ways To Fix Potty Training Regression

Once upon a time, I had a sweet little girl out of diapers and wearing panties. Oh how she loved to wear her princess panties and choose the pair that coordinated with that day of the week written on them. She was praised. She was given stickers, rewards and inspirational words of praise.

And then, the unimaginable happened.

My sweet little potty trained girl started peeing her pants and her bed. WHY?! And how?

So, how does a person handle potty training regression without having to whip the diapers back out onto the tush of a 5-year child?

Take it from me…it’s not easy but I have a few tips that can and hopefully will help you, your sanity and your little one want to wear dry big girl panties.

1. Be calm and STAY calm: Even though you are a frustrated mama, dad or grandparent, you need to keep telling yourself that this is normal! This icky regression could be happening for many reasons, but it can be fixed and will be fixed.

2. Don’t Punish Your Child:
Punishing your child for bedwetting or any accidents will only backfire. Some kids will take attention in any form, even if it is negative!

3. Offer Positive Reinforcement:
Instead of getting all worked up over an accident, just clean up the accident without making a major deal out of it and move on. Instead, give your child the attention for other good habits they are showing…for example, maybe they are remembering to was their hands or using their manners. Praise them!

4. See Your Doctor:
If you can have a good talk with your pediatrician perhaps they can give you some good advice and eliminate the possibility of infection. It is possible an infection exists!

5. Sympathize:
You should acknowledge that you know it’s difficult to keep up with everything happening in your child’s life. Kids can get stressed out easily over things. Try using a story from your childhood about a time when you regressed and reassure them that it is normal!

6. Reinforce Training:
Your little one was trained at one point, so you know that training can be done. Start out slow. Set times to sit on the potty and make it a part of the routine. Try not to make a big deal out of it, just incorporate it into your child’s day.

7. Make Expectations Clear:
Tell your child you expect them to resume heading to the potty and having clean undies. They can do this (and so can you)!


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Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

17 Responses to “8 Ways To Fix Potty Training Regression

  • We are way past this stage. This is a great resource for moms who are planning to potty train their kids.

  • dontemailme@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    5 years ago

    Good to know. My two were each trained in a weekend and never looked back.

  • Good ideas! Fortunately I never had to deal with any regression in my nanny career…but I haven’t had my own kids yet LOL

  • It’s definitely important to offer positive reinforcement and to not get too frustrated. It’s just as frustrating for the child as it is for you!

  • These are great tips. We had a little blip in the road when my oldest was potty training. I wish I’d had these when we were dealing with it.

  • You have to find their currency. For my son it was the ability to go to school!

  • Great tips. We have all been there done that. I am thankful my girls are older now.

  • These are great points. It can be frustrating but these are some positive steps to take.

  • Potty training can be so hard at times. I remember how frustrated I used to get. These tips are great though!

  • It is really hard when they regress but I think so many do for a certain amount of time. In the end, it all works out. Great tips her and it also helps to have a great toilet paper.

  • My son aren’t in potty training anymore, but I keep trying to teach him a proper use of toilet paper.

  • These are all great tips. Potty training is a difficult time for both parents and child. I do not have small children anymore but I will definitely share this with my friends who do.

  • Staying calm is one of the most important things to do. If we get upset or stressed, the kids get upset and stressed and that does not help the situation.

  • I wish we had a sam’s club here in Brantford. What a great giveaway! This is the only TP we use!

  • Having good toilet paper definitely does help. We only use Charmin in our home.

  • These are some great tips. My son started going to the bathroom at 2 but would only pee never #2. But we didn’t give up and at 3 he went started going as if he had been doing it forever lol

  • SUch a reat topic to cover. You never see anyone talking about this. We experienced it with our son. Patience!! and lots of it!

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