DIY Autumn Candles for Your Home

diy candles

What better way to bring some warmth into your home this fall season than with candles. However, you don’t need to settle for regular everyday candles. Here are some great ways to turn your ordinary candles into autumn candles for your home.


Floating berries- For this fall candle décor, you will need a mason jar, floating candle, water, cranberries and pine or holly sprig. Fill the mason jar ¾ full with water, add pine or holly sprig and a handful of cranberries. Then, add in more water so that the cranberries sit about an inch and a half below the jar top. Add the floating candle and voila, you have a nice fall decoration for your home.


Popcorn kernels For this project, you will need popcorn kernels, votive candles and clear glass bowls. For popcorn kernels, you can use the regular ones that you buy at the store. Votive candles are not only plain and simple but they are inexpensive as well. For the clear glass bowls, you can pretty much use anything you want though it is recommended that you use mini trifle dishes. Fill the glass bowl with popcorn kernels, about half way. Then, take the votive candle and press it into the middle of the kernels.


Pumpkin candle holders– To make pumpkin candle holders, you will need small pumpkins, sharp knife, candles, pencil, spoon, hot-glue gun, thin twigs, artificial berries and leaves. Start by cutting the stems off of the small pumpkins. Then, carve out a circle in the center of the pumpkin, remove seeds and pulp. Insert a candle into the center of the pumpkin so that it extends to 2” over the pumpkin. Arrange the thin twigs, berries and leaves and glue into place.


Cinnamon stick candles- For this project, you will need a bag of cinnamon sticks, candles, small glass jar and a glue gun. You can either use cinnamon sticks that you get at the craft store or the ones you get at the grocery store. Then, to assemble the candles, use the glue gun to adhere the cinnamon sticks to the small glass jar. Then, just add the candle to the inside of the jar and you are done.'
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