Should Pictures of Your Child be Online?


Everybody post pictures online nowadays. Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media outlets make it easy to stay in touch with family and friends, and pictures are a big part of the experience. Special consideration should be made when you decide to post pics of your children, however.

Safety should be a top consideration, of course. Don’t post anything that identifies your child or their whereabouts. There are too many predators out there, just waiting to pounce. Consider creating your own simple blog and having only friends and family able to access it.

Whenever you post pictures of your kids, make sure there is no personal information in the photo. Don’t have pics that have your address, or even the name/location of their school. Think and review before you click that post or share button. Double check the photo to make sure there is nothing there that will give out too much information.
Check your privacy settings on social media. You do really need to take the time to read the fine print. Some sites treat photos as public information. For example, you can set up a private album on Facebook, so the photos don’t get spread far and wide on the internet. There are sites out there that (legally) can use pictures of your kids and actually use them on merchandise! Shocking, but true.

It is fine to post pics of birthday parties or on vacation. If you do post pics with other people’s kids in it, do get permission first. Each parent may have a different opinion of what pictures of their children are okay to post online. Err on the side of caution and always ask anyone’s permission when your photo includes them.
You also don’t really want to embarrass your kids (now or later!) Don’t post pictures of them bathing, or looking terrible when they feel sick. Everything on the internet lasts forever, and while it may seem cute now, they probably won’t appreciate it when they are a little older.

When kids are older, the danger of cyberbullying is all too real. You don’t want to add to the risk by posting embarrassing or questionable photos online. Maybe your child is afraid of something. You post a pic of them with a scared look on their face. This definitely gives bullies something to tease your child about, no matter how innocent you meant the picture to be.

Make an informed decision about having your children’s pictures online. It is fun to share pics with friends and family, and with a little thought you should be able to do so safely.

DISCUSSION: Do you post pictures of your little ones online??'
Madison Main
When Madison isn't tending to her job at a bank, she is hauling her 5 children to soccer practice and other activities. Main is also a speech and drama coach at the local high school.

6 Responses to “Should Pictures of Your Child be Online?

  • I do poat photos but I have posted pictures using a water mark. I also poat using my blog as well as on Instagram so my friends can see. I want to be able to share but I find that family members who don’t take time out of their day to ask how we are doing are going though my facebook and copying and printing photos directly from my site. So watermarks dont even completely stop the madness. Is there a way to have kids photos online safety with out being able to prunt from online?

  • I think parents should have control over what photos of their child are shared online. It can be a dangerous place for kids.

  • These are good points. Every parent must take this into consideration before posting their kids’ photos online.

  • Generally I do not post pictures of the kids online. I am scared you never know what creeps are trolling the internet.

  • I think each parent has to make this decision for themselves. For my family, try to be very selective and careful with privacy settings, but we do post some pics of the kids.

  • I limit the photos of my kids online. If any go on my blog I talk to them about it first and if they don’t want it up it doesn’t go up. It’s a scary world on the internet so I’m also very mindful of that too.

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