Starting a Summer Lemonade Stand with Your Child

Lemonade stand

Lemonade stand

Starting a lemonade stand with your child is a great way to teach them how to run a business, how to interact with others, how to make money and how to have fun.

Check government regulations– It is unfortunate but there are some cities and towns that will not allow a lemonade stand whatsoever. Some cities and towns may allow one but require you to get a permit first. Some cities and towns have no restrictions when it comes to lemonade stands. Be sure to check the rules and regulations of your city or town first.

Create a business plan- A business plan will list out how much you plan on spending on supplies for your stand. For instance, if you are expecting to spend about $3 on supplies for making the lemonade, you will need to make over $3 in order to make any kind of profit. With that in mind, determine how much you will charge for each cup of cold lemonade.

Create a sign– Make a sign for your lemonade stand that people will be able to read and that stands out. Write the words “Lemonade for Sale” in large letters so they are clearly visible. The larger and colorful that your sign is, the more people you will attract.

Publicize your stand– While you may get some walk-in customers, let everyone know about your business. Email family and friends letting them known about the location, date and times of your lemonade stand, especially the grand opening. You can also hang up flyers around town like in grocery stores or at city parks advertising your lemonade stand.

Make the lemonade– Prepare your lemonade ahead of time. You can make it from a mix but homemade is always better. As a basic rule, to make one gallon of lemonade, use two quarts of water, the juice of six lemons and 1 ½ cups of sugar. Keep the lemonade in the fridge until you are ready to open the stand.

Set up your stand– First thing is to set up your table. The best thing to use is a folding table but you can also line up some milk crate with boards on top. Place a tablecloth on your table along with lots of paper cups. Be sure you have change available, including quarters and dollar bills. To set up the rest of the lemonade stand, have a cooler under the table filled with ice and another cooler with thermos filled with lemonade. This will keep you from running back and forth to the house. Keep a clear pitcher on the table filled with ice, lemonade and sliced lemons. Don’t fill the cups until you get customers since flies will be attracted to the lemonade.

Open for business– Now you are ready to open your stand for business. Remember to smile since people are likely to purchase from a smiling kid.

How perfect for summer and for teaching the kids a bit about having their own little business.'
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14 Responses to “Starting a Summer Lemonade Stand with Your Child

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    That is a fun idea! I did one when I was little.

  • We have seen a few lemonade stands pop up in our area this summer. They are always really cute.

    Catherine S
    6 years ago

    This is a great idea. Instead of a lemonade stand my son made bracelets and sold them to family and friends.

  • So fun. I haven’t made a stand since I was a kid. I can’t believe my kids never asked to! So fun!

  • We had lemondaid stands when we were kids. All good points to help them establish their stands.

  • We have seen a few lemonade stands pop up locally this summer. It’s a great way to teach kids about saving money and being entrepreneurs.

  • This looks like such a fun idea. I have never done a lemonade stand but I really should with my girls. It is a great introduction to planning and business.

  • What a cute idea. We iive on a quite dead end street and I do not think it would bring much traffic but it would be fun to do at the park.

  • We have seen a few lemonade stands this summer. We will have to remember these tips!

  • I understand the concern about sanitation, however, I don’t think we should limit a child who wants to earn a few dollars during the summer’s school break.

  • Those are great tips! My siblings and I did this when we were kids. I’m sure my girls will do this, too, when they are old enough.

    Ann Bacciaglia
    6 years ago

    I remember how excited my kids used to get when we would have a yard sale and they would make a lemonade stand. It is a great way for kids to learn about money.

  • Lemonade stands are a great way for kids to learn about business. These are great tips. We are having a big street sale soon. My kids should set up a lemonade stand for it.

  • I love the whole lemonade stand entrepreneur vibe. I think that kids can learn so many great tips on how to handle life by running one. These are great tips to follow.

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