How To Mentally Prepare For Family Photos

Today I went in to get my eyebrows waxed in preparation for our big day tomorrow. All of our ensembles are folded and arranged accordingly in my bedroom, away from any sort of possible cat hair attraction, dog dander disaster or food mess. It’s getting serious, folks. Our family photo day is upon us.

Why I am just a tad nervous?


Sadly (and it’s REALLY sad, but exciting…a rollercoaster of emotion of sorts), we’ve never really done this before. Like all of us. In one photo. Professionally.

I have been planning and coordinating in my mind how this all is going to go because if you imagine it and believe it, it can happen, right? Well I’m visualizing our family photo session to go as planned in my mind. My kids will be well-rested and cooperative. My husband’s farmer tan will be covered in all the right places. Everybody’s ensemble will be wrinkle-free and clean. My hair’s volume will remain in tact for the three hours I must wait until our actual photo session begins. I also am praying that all of this over-thinking will not cause a big, honking zit to appear on my face when I wake up tomorrow morning.

So how are we going to prepare for our family photo day besides deep breaths and positive thoughts?

1. Kids will be taking an afternoon nap in hopes that they will not be crabby and feisty when our evening pictures happen.

2. Kids will have full bellies before we head out to take our pictures and bribed with my most famous words, “If you are good, we will go get ice cream when we are done. But, you HAVE to listen and behave!”

3.  No sugar BEFORE pictures. Otherwise, the kids will all be making faces like this:


So how is this all going to go down? Hopefully well. I’ll keep you posted.

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

14 Responses to “How To Mentally Prepare For Family Photos

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    I always did pictures first thing in the morning. My kids were at their best early in the day.

  • Taking family photos has always been a huge challenge you should see our last years Christmas card. It takes a real professional photographer to get a great candid family photo other wise it looks overly posed and if your all stressed out the photos will appear stiff and phoney. I can’t wait to see how great your family photos will turn out.

  • Oh yes – family photos are always fun. We have 3 kids and 1 of them is not cooperating!

  • Family photos are such a hassle in our family. We stopped doing them every year because of what a pain the kids are when it comes time to get their photo taken!

  • Oh yes, these are great tips. Our twins never liked their photos taken.

  • I always get nervous for family photos. Lucky for us i have a friend that takes them and we can take as much time as we need to get the best photos.

    Ann Bacciaglia
    6 years ago

    I have not had our family photos done for a while now. My kids are teenagers and it is hard to get them to agree to take the pictures. I will have to tell my friend about the no sugar before pictures tip.

  • My kids are usually good about having their photos taken. It’s me who’s usually the one who has to reshoot because I hate having mine done lol

  • We’ve never had a family photo done. At least not since #4 arrived and we are now on 6! I think it’s so fun. My kiddos HATE having their pics taken though, so its always a mess. Good luck to you!

  • lol on the sugar before pictures. I’m not taking my camera to the holiday festivities today because there’s going to be tons of sugar~ ha! 🙂 True fact. 🙂

  • I always had a hard time with family photos when I was a photographer. We still have problems getting the grandkids to behave a lot.

    Ashley B
    6 years ago

    We’ve never attempted family photos before either. We were hoping too this year though!

  • These are all great tips to take a family photo to perfection. We do love taking family pictures during our get-together. But it some times gets too much funny when you have small kids so you need to take too many shots again and again for a perfect capture. I think these ideas would be so helpful.

  • It certainly does take a lot of preparation to get family photos just right. These are some great tips for doing so.

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