Help Out Your Community With Huggies #UltraHug

What do we love ALMOST as much as each other in our household? Our pets! And I can’t even imagine life without our sweet little Dash the dog and Onyx the cat.


As much as I love my babies, my little fur babies are just as special. Onyx is particularly special because she was born in a dumpster along with her siblings. After being discovered there, she was brought to a local animal shelter. When we decided that we wanted to get a cat, we went to the shelter to see if there was one there that we thought would fit into our family. Black cats are said to be the last choice when choosing a pet. People want the furry gray cats or striped orange kitties to add to their family. Black cats have this stigma about them. I’m here to tell you that Onyx is black and she is the SWEETEST cat I know. And so, my advice…go for the black cats! AND the animal shelters!

That’s why I am nominating TLC-ND Animal Rescue (The Lil Cottage) for a $2,000 grant from Huggies.


TLC-ND Animal Rescue is an animal rescue group based out of Devils Lake, ND that is dedicated to helping animals in need find loving, permanent homes.

Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Hugs is running the #UltraHug Selfie Contest and will award 10 lucky winners with a $2,000 grant from Huggies for their nominated community initiative. I know an extra $2,000 would definitely help this animal shelter take care of those animals before they get their forever home.

From April 20th until June 25th, Huggies will be accepting all selfies of you and your baby with the hashtag #UltraHug, and featuring them in a collage on the campaign landing page. On July 6th, voting will begin to narrow down the 20 finalists to 10 winners who will win a $2,000 grant from Huggies for their nominated community initiative.

How to Enter the #UltraHug Selfie Contest

• First, take a selfie of you and your baby and upload that selfie to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to use the hashtag #UltraHug
• In your same post, make sure to include a text nomination (approximately 100 – 120 characters) including a name and/or identifying description of a community project in the US, which you would like to nominate.

I encourage you to think of a community project that is near and dear to your heart, and get those #Ultrahug selfies posted!  I would love to see the animal shelter win this money!

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

33 Responses to “Help Out Your Community With Huggies #UltraHug

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    I always used Huggies when my boys were babies. What a fun contest.

  • Huggies are a great brand. I remember using those when my daughter was a tiny tot! Miss those times 🙁

    aimee fauci
    6 years ago

    What a great contest and Huggies was my GO TO brand for diapers. They are the best.

  • This is such a cool way to help out an awesome organization. I love that you’re nominating this shelter!

  • Fur babies are the best, aren’t they? We used Huggies Pure & Natural for our son. Loved them!

  • I think it’s so great that Huggies is doing this! What a great shelter you nominated.

  • That is the brand my baby wears. Sounds like a great contest!

  • This is beyond awesome. We love huggies and have used them on all of our 6 babies!

  • This sound like a nice idea. Huggies is a great company.

    • I agree! Huggies is a great company! Their diapers are good and they always give back!

  • I love the contest idea! Have to ready my selfie 🙂

  • Its always nice when we can do things for our community. I try to help in ours when I can.

    Ann Bacciaglia
    6 years ago

    I love when big companies give back. I used Huggies for both of my kids and they worked great.

    Jennifer Williams
    6 years ago

    I wish I could get a selfie with all my fur babies, I will have to select just one. I love this contest, it is going to be a lot of fun.

  • My husband’s favorite cat that he ever owned was a black cat named Oreo. I know the stigma, but black cats are just as beautiful as other colors of cats to me!

  • Aww this makes me miss our pet here.. this is such a cute contest!

  • Thank you so much for letting me know about the contest. I just entered ^_^

  • Your fur babies are so cute. What a fun contest hosted by Huggies.

  • This is really nice, that is a fantastic contest from Huggies! I love my own pets a lot, they are my family; I’ve had one of my cats now for 14 years.

    Catherine S
    6 years ago

    Huggies is such a great brand of diapers. What a great contest, I love that you nominated your local animal shelter.

  • We have a rescue pet too, so I love that you are nominating your shelter. What a great contest that Huggies is sponsoring!

  • What a beautiful way to start your story – we all love our little fur babies, right? and your Onyx has to be the happiest cat in the world! I love that Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Hugs is running a contest for a community shelter! Very nice 🙂

  • Awww…. Poor little black kitties. That’s so sad. What a great contest.

  • I hope they win too! That would be a great sum of money to do some good

  • Huggies was my go to brand! This is a great way to give back! Love it

  • My Daughter pulled her last cat out of a mud puddle. The poor thing was left to die. So sad what people do to animals.

  • I love when brands help in the community. These dogs look so cute

  • I have always loved Huggies, they are the best! This is an awesome contest and I am going to share it with my friends.

  • How wonderful you found a great pet from a local animal shelter. Those shelters do so much, Im glad you nominated them.

    Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty
    6 years ago

    What an awesome opportunity to pay it forward!! I would have to think long and hard about who to nominate for the grant!

  • What a great way to give back- I’ve always loved Huggies!

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