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I am about to talk about something a tad embarrassing, however, this is something 1 in 3 women have experienced. That’s very common. So here goes…Light Bladder Leakage, also known as LBL. Sound familiar? I know I went through some serious LBL after I had my kiddos and still do from time to time. My pelvic floor muscles just haven’t been the same since I popped out those three little sweethearts.


Just as no two women are alike, there’s no single reason that LBL happens. Some of the most common things that lead to uninvited leaks include:

• Physical changes from childbirth, pregnancy, hysterectomy or menopause
• Being overweight
• Complications from surgery, stroke, or chronic diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease
• Bladder or urinary tract infections
• Bladder irritants (certain foods and beverages)


Women deserve the best options for managing LBL. Whether you leak a little when you laugh, or sometimes have a sudden urge to go, Poise gives you one less thing to worry about any time of day or night. Our pads and liners are specifically designed for LBL, which makes them an easy choice for the 1 in 3 women with light bladder leaks.


Stay fresh and confident with Poise® pads and liners. They’re designed specifically for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), which make them an easy choice for the 1 in 3 women who experiences LBL.


Designed to move with your body, new Poise Thin-Shape pads feature Super Absorbent Material (SAM) and a Thin-Flex design for extraordinary protection that’s still 3x drier than period pads to help you take care of leaks with confidence.

So ditch the big bad period pads by recycling them! You can make some amazing slippers like we did!


Ladies stop using period pads for your LBL and #RecycleYourPeriodPad into something more fabulous! How will you recycle your period pads?

To get your free Poise® samples go HERE.

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

18 Responses to “Try Poise® Pads FREE And #RecycleYourPeriodPad Into Fabulousness

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    I don’t have leakage issues, but there is a whole group of moms in my zumba class who do & there is always a collective sigh when a song with jumps comes on!

  • hahahhaha… cute slippers. But I must say, I am happy I don’t have to wear pads any longer. I have kids and Grankids who do.

  • That is such a clever way to recycle your pads. It’s definitely a topic that should be discussed more.

  • I think the best part of this campaign is getting peopke talking about LBL. It shouldn’t be embarrassing.

  • They actually look like slippers too. I’d say that’s an effective use of unused pads!

    Helene Cohen Bludman
    6 years ago

    Happy to say I don’t have that issue … yet. Never say never, right?

  • Ha! That’s a cover idea. I don’t have leakage problems but I’m sure that time will be coming.. My an did I get pregnant again, these would be good to have on hand!

  • Lol at those clever slippers! I gave my period pads to my daughter when I didn’t need them anymore.

  • I haven’t used a pad since a teenager except the ones after having my children. If I’m in the market, I will check these out. 🙂

  • Poise is a good brand. I know a lot of people who use poise.

  • LOL Love the slippers! HA! I love Poise – definitely a must when you have kids!

  • Wow, 1 in 3! Those slippers are quite creative!

  • What a great option for those who LBL issues. I love those slippers: very original

  • haha! I love what you did with the old ones. You should have put the sole on the other way so it would make a duster for the floors 🙂

  • If i had some pad i was not going to use i would donate them to our local woman’s shelter. They are always looking for donations. I think the slippers are a super cute idea.

  • Hahhaa this was hilarious and funny yet really economical, if I would say so myself.

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