KID SAY WHAT: Bullying and Balls


My coworkers and I got onto the topic of bullying last week and it made me curious to see how my children would react to someone bullying them.

So later that evening I went home and initiated a discussion with my 8 year old boy Carter and 5 year old Lola. We all were sitting down at dinner and I proceeded to ask Carter what he would do if he was being bullied at school.

His response? “Well I would walk away! And if the bully kept on bullying me, I’d tell the teacher!”

Yep, that is totally the right thing to do. Great answer, Carter.

Then I decided to ask Lola what she would do if she was being bullied. So I did. “Lola, what would you do if someone was bullying you?”

My sweet five year old thought hard and I could tell by the pensive look on her face she was pondering. She then looked up at me and said with a vengeance, “If I was getting bullied, I’d kick ’em in the balls!”

I did all I could not to laugh.

“No Lola, we cannot do that.” Did I ever mention how much work I have yet to do with this one?

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

23 Responses to “KID SAY WHAT: Bullying and Balls

  • Good job Carter! Thata girl Lola! I mean….she’s 5!

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    Hahaha, Lola is a smart cookie. That is what I’d do, too 😉

  • Too funny that Lola! It’s hard to not fight as dirty as the bullier, but I love the message you obviously send your kids. 🙂

  • Your Lola sounds like my youngest. That is his standard answer when asked what he would do if anyone bothered his brother.

  • So little Lola believes in an eye for an eye. Not always such a bad thing.

  • Lola sounds like a real handful but she has a point!

    Catherine S
    6 years ago

    I think I would have busted out laughing. Carter has the right idea and I really like the answer Lola gave.

  • Oh my! My 5 year old daughter does not even know what that means! My 9 year old son has been bullied several times, he walks away.

  • Well you don’t have to worry much about her. Kids are so funny.

  • Haha oh sweet Lola! That’s too funny. We’ve dealt with some massive bullying issues and we finally had to tell our kids to fight back. Telling teachers did nothing, walking away did nothing. Sometimes they just gotta do what they gotta. I’m so glad I removed my kids!

  • Hey, if a boy (has balls) is bullying a girl (your daughter), I would definitely go for keeping them in the balls. He’d deserve it. And there’s nothing for you to worry about with her.

  • Oh my, lol! That’s such a “kid” response. That must have seriously caught you off guard.

  • At least Lola has a plan, lol! That sounds like something my daughter would have said at that age.

  • Bullying is so rampant these days isn’t it? It doesn’t take balls to bully.

  • Kids are smarter than we think. I’d be proud 🙂

  • It is great that she knows how to handle a bully. Good for her

  • That’s great, it’s amazing how strong she is!

  • I know that walking away is the right thing to do, but sometimes some people just need a good swift kick! I can’t totally disagree with Lola!

  • Good to see you are teaching your kids the correct response to a bully! Lots of luck with your daughter…hopefully she got the message!

  • Danity – what fun things our little ones say!! I loved both answers – and I was a fighter back then – and my son walked away often, unless they went after him, then he always surprised them, sorta the way your daughter did! lol

  • LOL I loved both their answers. That last one especially, haha! Fiesty one 😉

  • What a smart little one. I would have said the same, or almost

  • It must have been hard not to giggle when she said that lol. Supper time is a great time to talk to your kids.

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