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This year has been a big year in our household for many reasons. My son has lost a record number of teeth, prompting me to wonder if his grown up teeth are even going to grow in. My little Lola is a 15-year-old in a 5 year-old body. She’s already talking about getting married and having lots of cats. And well, Autumn? Much to her confusion and frustration, is officially a woman. Yes, THAT time! Yay!


I remember when I was a girl and had this happen to me. ……. Yep, my period. It felt more like an exclamation point than a period. I wasn’t thrilled. I had no idea what was going on and I was scared to talk to my parents about what was happening. It was almost a taboo subject, one that we should have learned all about in school. Help yourself to the bulky pads underneath the sink and just let ‘er buck. Well I want my girls to know that this birds and the bees fun is just a normal part of life and you don’t have to let your period dictate your life or worry about having to wear what feels like a big fat, noticeable diaper! That’s why I introduced my active volleyball playing daughter to Playtex.


NEW! Playtex® Sport® now available in Pads, Liners and Combo Packs at Walmart! Now Sport Level Protection™ pads, liners and combo packs with Flexfit™ design to twist and turn with your body. Don’t let your period get in the way. PlayOn!

What we really like about Playtex® Sport® is the Qwik-Dry™ which pulls fluid quickly into the pad and wicks moisture away, keeping you dry and fresh. In addition, FlexFit™ is designed to twist and turn with your body, providing sport level protection. Also with Odor Shield™, there is technology designed to neutralize odors before they start.


This week, I stopped by my local Walmart to restock for my daughter. Playtex® Sport® has new a new line of Pads, Liners and Combo Packs! During March, these products will be on endcap displays. During April and ongoing, they will be located in the feminine care aisle.


How do you stay active?


Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

27 Responses to “Fit to Play Anyway With Playtex® Sport® #FitToPlay

  • It’s great to have a Sport category because girls are so active and don’t need to worry about their periods while they’re playing!

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    Sounds great. I will have to try those.

  • I was very active in sports when I was younger. I hated having my periods when it was swimming time. I only use tampons when I am doing sports but when I was a kid I would skipp out because they never had the tampons like they have them now.

  • I think I am having a “TMI” moment. lol I’m glad you’ve got something that works 😉

  • These sound great! I haven’t seen these yet in stores I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  • This is awesome. Playing sports when I had my periods was always a pain

  • My daughter used Playtex Sport when she was in karate. They work really well.

      Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
      6 years ago

      I am thinking of trying them for my martial arts class.

  • It is great they have these for active women now days. We could have really used them many years ago.

  • When I needed them Playtex was by far my go to source for feminine products.

  • “It felt more like an exclamation point than a period.” – Isn’t that the truth?! I’m glad you were able to find something to make her feel more confident. #client

    • Mamasita A
      6 years ago

      Yes, definitely the truth! Confidence is everything at this age.

  • Oh goodness what FUN at your house! :/ Definitely feels like an exclamation mark instead of a period. LOL glad these are working well for her active lifestyle!

  • I stay active by running and using P90X3. I’m going to pick up some of these Playtex products for my daughter to go in her first period kit. She’s starting softball and I want her to feel comfortable while playing should this happen. 🙂 I didn’t even know these products were available! Thanks!

  • It’s so important to have feminine hygiene products that make you feel confident. I love Playtex products.

    Catherine S
    6 years ago

    These sound great for active women. I will have to look for them when I go to Walmart.

    Amy Desrosiers
    6 years ago

    Congrats to your daughter’s official womanhood! I love these tampons too because they keep me dry and leak free!

  • My daughter used to use these tampons. They’re great for teens.

  • I got my period while abroad for the first time. Joy, right?! Playtex has great feminine products.

  • Playtex has some great quality products, highly recommend them!

  • I would have loved this product in my teens! It’s really great news for any active woman.

  • Glad to see you were prepared for when THAT time came! Playtex is one of the better brands, too!

  • My daughter is very active in sports. She uses the Playtex Sport and has never been disappointed.

  • I have never tried their pads, but I really like their tampons. Definitely sport friendly!

  • I’ve never tried the pads, only the tampons, they are the go to brand!

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