5 Ways To Pamper Your Cat

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For those of you who have pets, they are like our children. We love them. We feed them. We cuddle them. We tuck them into bed. While these are natural things that we do, there are some of us who go above and beyond the call of duty as a pet parent. Some may call it “spoiling”, I call it pampering. Here are 5 ways to pamper your cat and trust, my sweetie Onyx is a pampered girl.


1.  Have a purrfect spot for bird watching. I mean what cat doesn’t like to do a little bird watching?


2.  Give your cat a bath!  Nothing like a day at the spa as a cat. Sure, water could be a little bit of a problem, but who said being beautiful was easy?


3.  Include your cat in game play. Onyx loves playing Beyblades with her big brother Carter.



4.  Give them their own papasan cushion to lay on. As you can see, Onyx LOVES to get all cuddled up on her cushion.


5. Feed Your Kitty Fancy Feast:

For over 25 years, Fancy Feast has been committed to preparing the most enjoyable gourmet meals for your cat. Their quest for culinary perfection is a pursuit to bring love and joy along with balanced nutrition. Every delicious Fancy Feast selection is made with high-quality protein sources and ingredients.

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We are such big fans of Fancy Feast not only because of its convenience but because we know that our cat loves it. Her favorite flavor? Grilled beef feast in gravy! A close second would be the Classic Ocean Whitefish and Tuna Feast. There’s nothing more fun than seeing your kitty run over to you when you crack open the can of Fancy Feast.


After all is said and done, your kitty will love you for it and even tolerate a little squeezing from someone who is a little too rough sometimes.  Unconditional love.


Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

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