Best Preschool Television Shows

Preschoolers are those who are between the ages of 2 and 5. These are the years when learning and fun really should go hand in hand. Here are some of the best television shows for preschoolers.


The Backyardigans– The Backyardigans is a TV show that can be found on Nick Jr. They are a group of five friends who transform their backyards into a whole new set of adventures, complete with song and dance. Pablo is a penguin, Tyrone is a moose, Tasha is a hippo, Austin is a kangaroo and Uniqua is a unique critter. With each episode, there is a chosen musical style such as big band, hip hop or reggae. There is also a specific theme that is played out among the backyard landscape. The show is great for empowering kids to use their imaginations.


Super Why– Super Why is a show that is on the PBS Kids television network. The show follows the lives of four friends: Super Why has reading powers, Alpha Pig has alphabet powers, Wonder Red has word powers and Princess Presto has spelling powers. These four friends use the magic of fairy tales to solve everyday problems. They take viewers into the storybook world to help them solve these problems. Super Why showcases computer generated animated characters in bright colors so that reading and spelling become fun and adventurous.


Dora the Explorer– Dora the Explorer is on Nick Jr. Dora and her friend Boots the Monkey enlists the help of the viewers to help them finish educational adventures. The pair encounters obstacles along the way but they always finish their adventure to the end. Preschoolers help Dora and Boots figure out puzzles and riddles on their adventures as they learn about shapes, colors and numbers. Dora, a Latin girl, also uses Spanish words that are incorporated into her songs. The television show looks much like a computer screen and even uses a computer mouse to click on correct answers.

What is your favorite show for preschoolers?'
Krystal Blue
Krystal Blue dropped out of culinary school to be a full time mom to her two little angels, but it is a decision she does not regret! She loves doing crossword puzzles in her spare time and reading romance novels.

18 Responses to “Best Preschool Television Shows

    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    We used to watch all of those when the boys were little. We loved super why!

  • I was always very cautious about what shows my boys watched when they were little. I didn’t want them exposed to anything inappropriate.

  • I love all of these shows but need to incorporate Super Why back into our rotation since the kids in my care are doing so good with learning their letters.

  • I used to love the Backyardigans and kind of miss being able to watch it now that my kids are way grown!

  • Great recommendations, thank you! (The only bad thing about preschooler shows is that us adults are stuck singing their songs for the rest of the day LOL)

    Rachelle J
    6 years ago

    We were never big Dora fans in our house but we always loved the Backyardagains! It was so cute!

  • These are really good to know and I am happy you posted them. As a Grandparent, I have no idea what to put on for the grandkids when they come visit. Now… I know.

  • I remember Dora the Explorer. My nephew used to love it. He still remembers Swiper the Fox.

  • My daughter is hooked on Dora The Explorer. I love watching the show with her too as she learns new words and ideas

  • Is backyardigans still on? It was off the air for a while. Love that show!

  • Dora the Explorer is a favourite show at my house. The kids love to watch Dora everyday.

  • We haven’t seen the backyardigans in so long but my kids really did enjoy it! Dora us a huge fave!

  • I love it when the kids sit to watch Super Why! Team Umizoomi is also up there for us

  • I only know Dora out of the three. I must be old now, haha!

  • I always like Dora the Explorer and anything on pbs like Sesame Street.

  • Is the Backyardigans still on? We have found it on the Spanish channel, but we don’t speak Spanish. My son loved that show forever and then it disappeared from our line up. We still look for it though. I see the songs once in awhile on a commerical.

  • My kids used to watch some of these! They’re great for the little ones

  • Finding safe programming for little ones is so important. I remember some of these.

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