DIY: Valentine’s Day Treat Bags


Valentine’s Day parties at school are coming up. If you want to do a little more than just handing out regular Valentine’s cards, consider giving each classmate a special treat bag. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to come up with a fun bag the kids will love.


Start at your local dollar store. You can get treat bags or plain plastic bags there. If you have time you can design and print out cute paper signs to fasten to the top of the bags. These toppers can be customized to fit whatever you put in your bag.


Chocolate kisses are fun to use in Valentine’s treat bags. You can make a tag that says “Kisses and Hugs for you”. Hershey’s also has ‘HUGS” candies, so that would be cute, too. There are usually good sales and coupons to use this time of year, so if you buy candy that comes with many individual pieces, you can get the biggest bang for your buck.


Ring pops are also a popular candy to give with your treats. Warehouse stores usually have a big container full for a good price, so compare the cost and see if this is something your child could give. If you buy a container of animal crackers, you can separate them into little bags to give as well.


Cookies, whether homemade or store bought can be cute for Valentine’s Day. You can make from scratch or start with refrigerated cookie dough. Add a little icing and red sprinkles and you are ready to go.


If you want to stay away from candy and sweets, you can also put a crayon, marker or holiday pencil with a little paper notebook in the treat bags. You can get little bottles of bubbles and cute stickers. If you use bubbles, you can print out something that says ‘You blow my heart away” or “Fly away with me”. You can also make homemade popcorn or kettle corn and have your tag say “You make my heart pop!”

There are many creative ideas for Valentine’s treat bags that won’t break the bank. Have your child pick out what they would like to do, and have fun making them. Your child will have a fun treat to give away, and you will have spent enjoyable time together.

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