5 Fun Facts About The New Magicflix App For Kids

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I am always so worried about what my kids may or may not get into when they get onto the internet. You can’t protect your kids from EVERYTHING unless you lock them up and not let them out of the house until they turn 18. But, that really isn’t an option…well, not in real life anyways. My kids all have their own little tablet that they play games on and watch movies on, but I recently was introduced to Magicflix. So what exactly is Magicflix? Why should YOU check it out?  For many reasons and one of my favorite is the safety feature.


1. Magicflix is a safe, curated application with age-appropriate videos for young kids, aged 12 and under, with a blend of fun and educational. Magicflix delivers worry-free parenting and endless hours of entertainment for kids with positive messaging!

2. Magicflix delivers worry-free parenting and delighted kids. It is a curated video service for kids, 12 years and younger, created by moms for moms who are concerned about safety and learning for their children as they watch videos. Magicflix is currently available on iPad HERE and Android HERE.


3. Magicflix curates videos from around the world to be safe, age-appropriate, and positive – no more mindless entertainment! Magicflix apps are immersive and designed exclusively for kids. With videos across Science, Math, Animals and many more, parents and kids love Magicflix.

4. Magicflix is led by a strong consumer technology team hailing from behemoths like Facebook and Travelocity. 3 of the 4 founders are moms including the CEO, Mamtha Banerjee. With an aspiration to build software that empowers kids, Magicflix’ mission is to make the digital world a safer place for our children. A Techstars 2014 alumni, Magicflix is Seattle based.

5. Magicflix features the safest and best in edutainment content around the world. With partners from around the world, Magicflix video categories include Animals, Spanish, Math, Science, Music and many more.

Preloaded on more than half a million kids tablets, Magicflix is available on Kurio and ClickNKids and iPhone!

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26 Responses to “5 Fun Facts About The New Magicflix App For Kids

  • Yeah for a cool app being available on Android. I will have to check it out.

  • That is super cute! My girls would absolutely love it. I am going to have to check it out.

  • I am sure my daughter will love this app. My daughter would watch a screen all day if I let her.

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)
    6 years ago

    That sounds like a cool app! My kids would love it.

  • I’ll have to show my kids and see if they enjoy it. Sounds like a fun app for them and something I would definitely approve of!

  • I think this is a great idea for someone who has small children. My children are grown and i didn’t have to deal with the internet like you do now. I would imagine it would have to be so scary.

  • I need this when it comes to the iPhone. My son loves watching videos and playing games on my phone. I’m constantly watching videos before he can see them, to ensure they’re safe.

  • Very cool! Love the safety features, and that you can use it via multiple devices!

  • It looks like there will be some great programs on this app. Kids will enjoy this for sure!

  • We don’t have these devices, but it sounds like a nice app for those who do.

  • I wish this had been around when my kids were younger. It would have been so easy to make sure they were only watching age appropriate programming.

  • This is such a cute app. I love all its graphics and images.

  • krystalbutherus@gmail.com'
    6 years ago

    I’ll have to try this one with my toddler. Sounds like a fun time!

  • If it is created by moms for moms it must be pretty kid safe and entertaining. Sounds like a great app for parents and kids.

  • This is a great app for kids. I am going to download it for my friends kids to try.

  • That sounds like a great app. It’s so hard to find appropriate and fun videos for kids, and this sounds like it makes it much easier!

  • Sounds like a great app! I’m pretty sure my kiddos would love this!

  • pretty cool app for all of us. My kids will definitely love it!

  • This is such a cute app, I’m so sure that the kids are going to love this so much!

  • Always love to hear about new apps. My grandchildren would probably love it.

  • This does sound great for kids. I’m happy to have come across the review!

  • It’s always nice to have safe places online for your kids to play. This looks great!

  • Very cool! Keeping kids safe online has been a big focus of mine lately. There is so much that can be accidentally accessed and not because they are even looking for it.

  • We will definitely be getting this app! My 5 year old loves the internet, but I worry about what she could be exposed to.

  • lisariosonline@gmail.com'
    Lisa Rios
    6 years ago

    Very cool! Sounds like a fun app! I love the safety features and great programs in it. My kids are great fan of magicflix games. This would be a great gift for the holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  • ammcmaho@mtu.edu'
    amanda @attachedmoms
    6 years ago

    I haven’t noticed this app before – we have a few devices and keep a few educational and ONE “fun only” app going usually.

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