Must Have Items For Your Car Winter Survival Kit


Winter Survival Kit for Your Car
Everyone should be prepared for winter driving. Even if you don’t live where it snows, it is important to be ready for an emergency when the temperatures drop. Here are some items you should have in your vehicle, and some tips on using them.
It is best to store items in your car, not in a trunk, in case the trunk becomes jammed and can’t be opened. A blanket or sleeping bag is important. A Stadium blanket folds up and is easy to store. A sleeping bag should be designed for cold weather, so choose one that is well insulated. Have extra hats, sock, mittens, and maybe a change of clothes as well.
Keep water and a package of snacks available. Snacks such as energy bars, nuts, peanut butter, raisins and even mini candy bars are good. The snacks should be small and easy to eat. If you have babies or small children, include extra diapers, formula and snacks.
 A waterproof flashlight with extra batteries is a must. Put the batteries in backwards so they won’t burn out; just remember you will have to insert properly before you can use the flashlight. A cellphone can be used if it is dark, just so you can find your emergency items.  A cellphone adapter that plugs into the lighter spot can be used if your vehicle still has power. Do not run your car more than 10 minutes an hour, and make sure the exhaust pipe is clear. Cracking the windows, if possible, can also help keep fresh air in the car.
There are a couple of items you might not think of. Have a distress flag and a whistle on hand. The flag can be tied around your antenna
or side mirror, and the whistle can be used to attract attention. If you take medication, it would be good to have some extra on hand. A first aid kit with a pocket knife is also a must.
 Some useful tools in the snow are a shovel, scraper, sand or kitty litter, and a tow-chain or rope. Do not overexert yourself, however, since being sweaty with damp clothing can increase your risk of hypothermia.
It is a good idea to keep all of your survival kit items in a plastic tote or sturdy bag. You want something you can access easily, but that will keep the kit secure and safe.  Even if you are not planning a long trip, it is better to be safe than sorry. Be prepared for an emergency, so you can reduce the risk of being stuck and increase the chances for being found. Hopefully you never have to use your survival kit, but if you ever need it, you will be glad you planned ahead.
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7 Responses to “Must Have Items For Your Car Winter Survival Kit

  • This is such a great thought. I live on the coast of Alabama and it actually dusted snow here last winter- which is pretty much unheard of! However, because it was forecasted pretty far out- the entire city shut down- seriously. We just do not have the equipment to handle snow. However, they did not forecast snow for Birmingham, AL or ATL and it turned into a disaster b/c both cities ended up getting dumped on! Anyway. I think it is good to have these things in your car pretty much all the time year round- you just never know when you might need a flashlight or a protein bar- down here at the beach, I also always keep baby powder because it helps get the sand off of skin.

  • Great list. Definitely makes me glad I live in Florida and don’t have to really worry about this stuff, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt me to have a few of these things on hand in my car 🙂

  • Those are great tips. I have nothing in my car, would not be good if I got stuck somewhere…

  • Great list of must-haves! When I lived in Minnesota, I always had a winter survival kit in the back of the car – I usually threw in some snacks and a gallon of water just in case.

  • We don’t really have winters where I live, but I can’t tell you how many times I have thought “Oh man I wish I had ____!” Usually my spare blanket I keep in the back, or something like that. Good tips to remember!!

  • Oh, I don’t want to think about cold weather!

  • I never thought of half of these items to be essential for a road trip! Thank you so much for opening my eyes 😀

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