9 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

9 Homemade Halloween Costumes for  Kids

Almost every child likes to get dressed up in costume and go out Trick or Treating. Store bought costumes can be rather expensive and are massed produced. Many parents get creative and make a Halloween outfit for their child to wear. These 9 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids will give you some ideas or what to create and how to create them.

  1. Umizoomi Costume– My Mommy World
  2. Wonder Woman– The Sewing Loft Blog
  3. Lady Bug Costume– Yesterday on Tuesday
  4. Skeleton Costume– Yesterday on Tuesday
  5. Kids Zombie Outfit– Poofy Cheeks
  6. Pippi Longstocking– Mom 4 Real
  7. Fisherman– Creative Green Living
  8. Mermaid-733 Blog
  9. Captain America– Hobbies on a Budget

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween this year? Share your costume ideas in the comments section below.

Mamasita Amber
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27 Responses to “9 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

  • Thank you so much for featuring my Team Umizoomi costume! Hope you have a happy Halloween 🙂

  • Thank you for this. My girls want to be Zombies and this is perfect.. I did not know where to begin.

  • Those are so cute! The DIY costumes are so much more interesting and original than the store-bought ones!

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    6 years ago

    Those are all awesome ideas. My boys had their hearts set this year, so I spent big bucks on costumes.

  • So cute & adorable! I love the ladybug one – my 2.5yo Scarlett would look so cute in that one xxx

  • My kids are long past the days of dressing up but I have fond memories of making them costumes when they were little. This looks great!

  • These are all cute and look simple too… unlike some of the outrageous homemade ones I have seen around.

  • My daughter is so excited to be Merida from Brave and my son is happy to be batman!

  • chrissy4gordon24@yahoo.com'
    6 years ago

    Omg so cute! Costumes are so expensive and for only one day for a couple hours it does get ridiculous. I Love these ideas, thank you!

  • My kids will be firefighters. All I need I a fire truck!

  • I love making Halloween costumes. It just seems to make it more special.

  • I love that Captain America costume! I’ve made homemade costumes several times in the past and they always went over even better than the storebought ones!

  • racheldmorris@gmail.com'
    Rachelle J
    6 years ago

    I love that homemade zombie costume! My daughter has been on a zombie kick lately and I bet she would love that lol!

  • My husband, who is 34, was Captain America when he was about 4. His mom sewed his outfit. She still has his mask. A few months ago we were all over there and he put it on. It was pretty funny. I love homemade budget friendly costumes. I know a lot of people can benefit from this post.

  • I really wish I was crafty. I’m really terrible though. My girls want to be mermaids and that one you have posted would be perfection. I just am so awful!

  • These are great! I LOVE Halloween costumes that are homemade – because they all have a unique flair to them!

  • A zombie costume on a kid is too adorable. I love these ideas! My son doesn’t have a costume just yet.

  • Hbludman@gmail.com'
    Helene Cohen Bludman
    6 years ago

    These are great ideas. I love seeing all the creative costumes parents come up with.

  • amandalove1976@outlook.com'
    Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison
    6 years ago

    Great costume ideas. I’ve already purchased mines but may do this next year.

  • Oh I love them what some cute ideas I think the Captain America one is my favourite.

  • Wow! That’s a lot of costume ideas. So cute! WTG guys!

  • mrs198128@yahoo.com'
    Melissa Smith
    6 years ago

    What cute & creative ideas! I’m pretty sure my kids would love to be zombies though since they’re always acting like it at home.

  • msvip213@yahoo.com'
    Danielle Stewart
    6 years ago

    I am in awe of creative moms. The most creative I ever got was aghost or hippie. You could easily do that with very little money or supplies.

  • My kids do not dress up anymore. Last year i painted my face like a sugar skull. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of Frozen princesses and Zombies this year.

  • The Captain America made me laugh. I’ve got a Cap here that runs around quite a bit. 😉

  • The ladybug costume is super cute! I’ll share this post with my mommy friends.

  • My daughter is going to be a Kitty. She found one of my SIL’s old tails and masks. we are going to add to that with things around the house. I love that this costume is costing me NO money!

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