10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Be A Fall Fashionista!

Now that the cooler weather is here, you may want to put away those summer clothes. A fall wardrobe should have some basic essentials that you can mix and match to complete your attire. Here are 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials that you should have in your closet.


1. Black Turtleneck– Fall weather means cooler temperatures. A black turtleneck is a must-have for fall. Choose a material that provides warmth without bulk. Cashmere is a good choice.


2. Cardigan– Cardigans are great for fall. They can be worn over a nice white blouse for the office or over a comfortable tee for casual functions. Choose a plain, neutral color, such as black, white, or brown. Avoid multi-colored cardigans unless wearing jeans.


3. Boot Cut Jeans– Have at least one pair of stretchy boot cut jeans in your fall wardrobe. Make sure they are dark in color and have a certain percentage of Lycra in them. Stretch denim material is flattering and moves when you do.


4. Skinny Jeans– A fall wardrobe essential is a pair of skinny jeans. Make sure they are loose enough in the waist, so they will feel comfortable to wear.


5. White Blouse– Fall wardrobe essentials include a white blouse. This can be worn with a skirt, dress pants or a pair of jeans.


6. Skirt Make sure to have at least two skirts in your fall wardrobe. Choose a skirt with a plain color and a nice cut. Black, brown or grey are good choices.


7. Ballet Flats– Ballets flats are a fall wardrobe essential. They are dressier than running shoes and come in a wide range of colors. Choose ones that are solid in color.


8. Black Pumps– Pumps are an essential wardrobe piece no matter the season. A black pair of comfortable pumps can be used for office wear and casual functions as well.


9. Tank Top– Tank tops can be worn under a cardigan or jacket. They can also be worn a la carte. Stick with solid colors.


10. Jacket– A jacket is a fall essential must have. Choose one that has pockets and flatters your figure. Grey, rust, brown or black are wise choices.

These 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials will ensure that you have something to wear for the office and casual functions as well. Limit your choices of one to two items in each category.

What is your favorite piece of fashion for fall?

Krystal Blue
Krystal Blue dropped out of culinary school to be a full time mom to her two little angels, but it is a decision she does not regret! She loves doing crossword puzzles in her spare time and reading romance novels.

31 Responses to “10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Be A Fall Fashionista!

  • All of these looks amazing for the fall, I need to start changing my wardrobe.

  • Fall is my favorite season, primarily because of the clothes. I can’t wait to start wearing clothes like this and feeling the nice crisp air!

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    6 years ago

    I need some new fall clothes. I live in jeans and usually wear a tee or tank with a cardigan.

  • i can’t wait for fall! It’s one of my favorite fashion seasons.

  • I can’t wait to shop. I already have the boots I bought on sale in summer

  • This is such a versatile list of clothes. I love how you can mix and match everything to create many different looks.

  • I love that long skirt! I can’t wait for fall, I hate summer really because I feel like I have to be a size 0 to wear any of the fun fashions but in fall, I’m a rock star. lol Long skirts, high boots, turtlenecks – love it! That’s when I look my best, Fall and Winter, I love the clothes.

  • Super cute all these items are. I so need some new jeans for fall this year.

  • Fall clothes are my absolute favorite! I am a jeans and t shirt type of girl and being able to just throw on a nice sweater with jeans to dress up is awesome!!

  • These all look amazing. Fall has to be my favourite time of the year. Warm, snuggy sweaters minus the heavy winter coats 🙂

  • What some great ideas – I have to admit to being a cardigan fan they are great for throwing on when you are chilly. x

  • I didn’t know how essential half of these things were for the fall, I need to pay more attention to what’s in!

  • Great tips for a fall wardrobe must-haves. I have a lot of these essentials, but def. need a couple of new skirts.

  • Great choices! I love wearing cardigans in the fall, especially with skinny jeans. The black pumps would definitely give the whole outfit a classy and elegant look!

  • All of these pieces are pretty but I love the cardigan and the boot cut jeans. Hopefully once I finish losing weight I will get a new wardrobe!

  • Hbludman@gmail.com'
    Helene Cohen Bludman
    6 years ago

    I’m just at the point of being sick of my summer clothes so I’m glad to be switching my closet around soon.

  • I’ve got a closet full of cardigans! They’re my year round staple!

  • Very nice pieces. I love in MIami so I don’t get to use much of this unfortunately.

  • Fall is my favorite season because of all the cute outfits lol I love leather jackets!

  • I’m a jeans and cardigan girl so I’m very happy that fall is here!

  • thanks for the fall ideas. I love that cardigan. fall really brings get outfits

  • Great basic pieces for a fall wardrobe! I’m glad to say I have most of those items 🙂

  • these are some cute clothes. I love the shoes alot

  • mrs198128@yahoo.com'
    Melissa Smith
    6 years ago

    Looks like I’ve got some serious shopping to do! The only thing I really have are the tank tops.

  • I love sweaters. Fall is my all time favorite season. Love your choices.

  • Summer is on its way out, for sure. I’ve got a yard full of falling leaves. The looks you have here are nice.

  • chrissy4gordon24@yahoo.com'
    6 years ago

    Great clothing pieces! I love my bootcut jeans, I have many pairs 🙂

  • These are super cute. Everything looks comfortable and casual.

  • I live in Florida so I don’t have much of fall or winter weather but these are all style pieces I definitely would’ve had in my wardrobe when I lived up north! I do have a few pair of skinny jeans, lots of tank tops and ballet flats though.

  • I think jeans and a tank top can be paired with many things to have a really versatile outfit you can dress up or down.

  • Seeing all these makes me realize I need new clothes now.

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