5 Easy Ways to Save Money


The price of everyday necessities seems to always be going up and unfortunately wages are not. For many families, cutting out on extras that were once a given is common practice. Bills need to be paid, groceries bought, and transportation needs must be met. Here are 5 easy ways to save money.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

1. Coupon Clipping- You can save money on the cost of groceries by clipping coupons. Only clip coupons that you use on a regular basis. This way you will not be spending money on things that normally would not purchase. You can save even more by using the coupons when the items are on sale.

2. Eat at Home- Many people often spend money purchasing food at restaurants. Save money by eliminating eating out at restaurants. Home cooked food is healthier for you and you will save a bundle of money by doing this.

3. Cook One Pot Meals- Stretch your food dollars by cooking one pot meals. Use less meat and make it a practice to use rice, beans, lentils, or pasta in your dishes.

4. Use the Car Less- Avoid taking long trips with the car. This will help to eliminate the unnecessary use of gas. Do things in your local vicinity in which are within walking distance. You will get some exercise and also save money on gas.


5. Rent Movies- Rent movies or download them on your computer. It is a lot cheaper than going out to the movies. Make sure to grab some popcorn and snacks and plan to make a movie night.

Following the above 5 easy ways to save money will ensure that you have money when you need it. By eliminating some of the extra expenditures, you may find that you will be able to splurge every so often.

Have you found that you have had to cut back on those little extras? What extras do you miss the most?

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19 Responses to “5 Easy Ways to Save Money

  • massmommie@gmail.com'
    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    7 years ago

    We spend a LOT of money eating out. We need to eat at home more for sure.

  • I miss going to Target when we have to cut back but we do stretch our meals and I use online coupon apps.

  • Most of my money is spent eating out at restaurants, because of my work schedule I very rarely get home in time to make dinner so its usually order in or go out.

  • These are all very good ideas. Now that I am divorced and trying to make it on my own, I will definitely be implimenting all the ideas into my life.

  • The cost of eating out is one that I could most definitely cut back on. It has become far too easy to feed my kids takeout breakfast twice a week, but for the cost of eating out one time I could have fed them two meals!

  • We hardly ever eat out I hate the price of the drinks in some of those places a bottle of water can cost so much.I try to get as many coupons as possible to use.These are great tips.

  • AnnBac9@twitter.example.com'
    Ann BAcciaglia
    7 years ago

    I spend way too much money on eating out. I am trying to cut back but life is so hectic.

  • jennifer@weloveplaytime.com'
    Jennifer Williams
    7 years ago

    I got an attachment bike for my bike so the kids and I could use the car less. You would have thought I was committing child abuse when my teenager found out that he had to ride a bike to go places! Great tips, we also eat home a lot.

  • We have cut out a lot of extras. I miss the occasional eating out and trips with the family.

  • All great tips, especially the one about eating at home. Eating out gets very pricey!

  • Fabulous ideas. If I stopped eating out I would be rich! I do love couponing though!

  • I am totally guilty of eating out too much. I honestly really enjoy it- enough to spend the money sometimes:)

  • We’ve cut back A LOT to save money and get out of debt. We don’t have cable TV which I do NOT miss. Trying to cut back on eating out some and that’s probably what I do miss!

  • Some great ideas, we always try and rent before we buy these days – means we only end up buying films we really want to be able to see over and over again 🙂 x

  • I drive a lot less now that I’m staying at home to work. I was worried the loss of pay would be a difference, but since I’m not driving it’s fine!

  • I do all 5 of these tips, woot! I am definitely clipping coupons more 😛

  • These are some really great tips. I love to take in all the money saving tips that I can get.

  • We could probably cut back on eating out but its our only entertainment. I love firguring out budgets, so I like those tips.

  • ammcmaho@mtu.edu'
    amanda @attachedmoms
    7 years ago

    Some great reminders. I think shopping frugally and shopping less helps too.

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