The Four Ways Women Wear Scarves: What is your scarf personality?


You may not realize, but every woman has a scarf personality. Which fits you?

Beginner – Some women do not know exactly what to do with their scarves. These women will eventually adopt a specific personality, but for the moment, it is unclear what direction to go. This is you if there are several different scarves in the drawer, all are lovely, but there is no sense of how to wear them yet.

Blender – Some women wear scarves to accentuate and blend with each specific outfit. This is you if you have so many scarves that you could wear a different one with each outfit and find scarves in your drawer that you forgot about. You often wear smaller scarves, even silk, and there may even be a scarf for each outfit. The scarves will be in shades the same as the primary outfit or adjacent on the color wheel.

Boldest – Some women are bold and like colors that contrast with their outfit. This is you if your scarves match your outfit but are more a highlight of the outfit than something that is part of the outfit. You are one of these women if you play with textures, larger scarves, and unique materials. The outfit and scarf will be in colors opposite one another on the color wheel.

Whatever – Some women enjoy their scarves as unique pieces. Anything goes. Scarves are purchased based on their own unique beauty without purpose or outfit in mind. The scarf is an accessory consistent with mood or use. For example, if this woman is in a joyful mood, she will grab a joyful scarf whether it matches her outfit or not. As far as the color wheel goes? What’s that.

Regardless of where you fit on the list, the key is to enjoy what you wear, feel confident in your choices, and have fun with how you pair scarves and outfits.

Mamasita Amber
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28 Responses to “The Four Ways Women Wear Scarves: What is your scarf personality?

  • I am what would be known as the beginner. I used to only wear scarves in the winter to keep my neck warm. Now, I am just starting to wear them as an accessory.

    Robin (Masshole Mommy)
    7 years ago

    I don’t even own a scarf haha! I have had some winter ones over the years, but I don’t like things around my neck so I threw them away!

  • I have one scarf and I love it.. It is big and bulky which really keeps me warm. I’m not stylish so I kind of fall in the category of ‘don’t know what I am doing’.

  • I like to wear long scarves and to tie them in a big knot on the front of my neck. They are perfect for keeping warm in the cold NYC winters.

  • I actually make crochet fashionscarfs was thinking of running a online store some day but i have decided not to so i am a whatever scarf person. I even make t shit scarfs they sit in my closet for the most part I do like to wear them when I dress up some times but that dont happen often any more being a stay at home mom

  • I’m most definitely a beginner scarf wearer. I’m looking forward to when I have the confidence to wear them any which way!

  • I live in a warm weather state and just never wear a scarf. I would have to be a beginner. My mom, however, loves scarves and would and I would say she is a blender.

  • I only wear a scarf in the winter,I really do not pay much attention to how I wear it or anything to be honest lol.

  • I have a few scarfs and it depends on my mood, I can be plain, bold or whatever!

  • Good ideas here! I can count on one hand the number of times I have worn a scarf. Not that I don’t like them…I just don’t wear them for some reason…

    Jennifer Williams
    7 years ago

    I am just getting into scarves so I do not know what style I prefer yet. We lived in Fl so scarves were not needed. I was like a kid in a candy store once we got to snow picking out different scarves to try.

  • I love scarves. I would be a beginner. I’ve always wanted to try one, but figured I wouldn’t be able to tie it, so I’ve never bothered.

  • I love a nice scarf, but I’m definitely still a beginner. I love how they can compliment an outfit though.

    Amber B
    7 years ago

    I love all the brightly colored scarves but I am a beginner. I just started wearing a scarf last winter! I know I missed that trend.

  • I love this! I am a beginner but have friends that are really into it and they look so cute!

  • I think it would be fun to wear scarves. I never have though, outside of the winter ones.

  • I have so many scarfs and believe it or not but I’m still at the beginner phase. I leave a few in the car so if it’s a windows down kind of day, I just wrap the scarf around my head to prevent my hair from getting in my face.

  • I admit I’m the one that doesn’t know what to do with my scarves. However, I did see a video on how to convert one into a kimono so I’ve been sporting that 😀

  • In the winter I am totally a whatever – I just like to stay warm and if it catches my eye it get brought 😉 x

    • I don’t wear a lot of scarves either but they do look awesome on many people. Perhaps I feel too short to wear one? Short and stout…

  • I’m not a big scarf wearer. Living in Miami, it’s always so hot here!

  • I guess I am a beginner scarf wearer. I wear mine around my neck but not in a particular style.

  • I’m a scarf beginner. I usually just wear them in the winter when I am cold, but I could definitely be more stylish with them.

  • I only wear a scarf in the winter, so I guess I would be a beginner. I would like to pair scarves with outfits more often to look more stylish though!

  • I am not a scarf person so I would not even be a beginner. I remember having this one teacher who wore a scarf with every outfit. It looked really nice on her.

  • I honestly am not a big scarf wearer as I can’t stand things around my neck. I will occasionally wear them in the winter

  • I love scarves I have like a whole scarf gallery in my closet. I like to wear them as wraps on my head, around my neck or however else I can find to wrap them around my body somehow…lol

  • I’m sad to say that I am merely a beginner! I love wearing scarves, but I often don’t know what to wear them with. When it is cold, I just throw one on for going outside!

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