Salvatore Ferragamo Celebrates Fiamma


On May 8th of this 2014, premier design house Salvatore Ferragamo released what is believed to be its most iconic bag, Fiamma. Designed and named for the founder’s daughter, Fiamma di San Giuliano Ferragamo, the Fiamma took several careful years to design and bring into production.

This bag line celebrates the life and design contribution to the family business founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s daughter. Ms. Ferragamo’s 40 years of work as a shoe designer contributed to the illustrious company’s core business until her early death to cancer in 1998.

Structured – Fiamma’s lines are both casual in their curves but also dressy in their structure. The bag can go from the park to the office to the theater in the same day.

Convertible – Fiamma comes with a solid shoulder strap but is also classic hand-held satchel, which is timely with handheld bags being on trend this season.

Details – Fiamma is graced by a unique new lock clasp and hardwared instead of Ferragamo’s classic gancini. The same hardware is no the matching shoes. The zipper opens wide to make it easy to access the contents of one’s purse.

Materials – Fiamma is available in calf skin, exotics (snake and sting ray), and embellished materials, even furs.

Size/Style – Fiamma comes in mini, medium, large, tote, and flap styles. All of these mean there is the perfect size or Fiamma style for every woman.

Launched with a celebration of mother daughter celebrity pairings, the luxury Italian design house launched the bag with a campaign celebrating family, specifically mother-daughter celebrity pairings.

Ferragamo prides itself on classic lines and quality production, and in the luxury market, Ferragamo’s price point is among the best values. With this newest addition to the brand’s handbag ine, expect to see a lot of attention on Ferragamo this season.

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