REVIEW: Bobbie Brown Art Stick


Bobbie Brown’s makeup line has long been a hit, but its recent addition of the Art Stick is more than a hit. This product brings the staying power of long-wear lipstick with the feel and texture of moisturizing lip balm.

Packed with emollient rich shea butter, the rich colors look and feel great. Equally important to the look and feel is the staying power. The Art Stick does not feather or bleed. So women with any creasing around their mouths will appreciate this lip color for its appearance and texture. However, the color does come off on a glass if drinking something, and it can be smudged.

Application is as easy as coloring with a fat crayon in childhood. The Art Stick goes on like a lip liner and lipstick both, affording great control to even the most inexperienced make up wearer.

Available in eight gorgeous shades: Bright Raspberry, Cassis, Cherrywood, Dusty Pink, Electric Pink, Harlow Red, Rose Brown, and Sunset Orange. Pictured above is Dusty Pink.

Packaged with the jumbo sharpener, the lip crayon can be used as a lip liner, lipstick, or under a gloss.

Bobbie Brown says, “makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” This new product achieves that goal allowing the every day woman to “celebrate [her] individuality.”

Mamasita Amber
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2 Responses to “REVIEW: Bobbie Brown Art Stick

  • Great review! Lovely shades of lipstick too! I will share this on my “Beauty Product” on Pinterest for you. Thanks!

    Jenn Alex Brockman
    7 years ago

    This looks and sounds like a great product. I have super dry lips so something like a balm would be awesome if it gives color too!

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