Weighting Patiently: It’s Time To Get Serious!!!

I have been working out with a personal trainer now for a year now. And although I have become better at keeping a decently consistent workout schedule, I haven’t put the other part to work yet…that whole eating part of it. And according to my trainer, 80% of losing weight is diet and healthy, sensible eating while 20% is the fitness part.

Well, let’s just say I have the 80% to work on.

The thing is, I know myself. I know what I do wrong. I know what I do right.

So last week I told my trainer these exact words, “It’s time to get serious!!! Enough of this sh**.” And if you know me, you know that those words mean business. I’m not one to throw inappropriate word bombs out there unless necessary. And this was a very necessary moment.

After last night concluded my “last horrible day of eating”, I ate oh you know, pizza, licorice, Oreos, and a very large piece of freshly made sour cream raisin pie, today was the day I started on a clean slate.

April 1st.

My husband made me a protein shake with fresh strawberries and a banana for breakfast. No, it wasn’t my typical coffee with creamer and Snickers Protein bar (which has been my daily ritual for the past year), but it sufficed. I lived.


AND, I even refrained from walking into the break room at work where a fresh chicken alfredo pizza and homemade cookies sat. Temptation kicked right in the crotch.

I ate a half salami sandwich with spinach, provolone cheese and banana peppers on it for lunch, a granola bar for a snack and a bowl of Chicken Wild Rice soup for dinner, along with a salad and I feel as if I was “good”.

Even though I concluded my day with a small splurge, 8 Whopper Easter Robin Eggs, I feel as if I am already making progress.

I had a solid hard workout with my trainer today and bam, I’m ready for tomorrow.

Mamasita Amber
Mama of three children and proud new mama of a standard poodle named Prince Miguel.

17 Responses to “Weighting Patiently: It’s Time To Get Serious!!!

  • I have been eating like a pig lately and I am up a few pounds. I usually workout a lot, but I have been sick the past week, so I am behind in my working out. Back to the grind in spin class tomorrow, though.

  • Awesome way to kick start things. I’m Like you I Know what I Do wrong it’s correcting it that’s hard. I need to learn to eat more whole food and less process food for sure. Keep up the great work will be cheering you on.

  • I agree that 80% of health is your diet. You can workout all day long but if you feed your body wrong the results wont be what you want. The great thing about making a lifestyle change with food is that your tastebuds eventually readjust

  • I am starting to get right on track again I had a slip up with my health issues I had the period monster visit and I was doomed. I’m starting fresh trying to get back on a routine trying to do more healthful eating since I can’t work out do to my health issues not yet I think if I get the eating part a bit under control I could do better.
    I also do smoothies in the mornings. The key is to make sure you have good protein amount in the shakes.

  • I think it is great that you are setting fitness goals for yourself. I hope you have great results.

  • That’s interesting about the 80/20 thing. Who knew??? A year w/your fitness instructor is good though, no it’s great, and now you’re ready to finish strong. Good luck to you!

  • On diets everyone has highs and lows and you won’t alwyas lose. You take a day off then you regroup, Keep trying.

  • That’s how you do it, take one day at a time. I know whenever I’ve totally deprived myself of the foods I enjoy, I feel weak and as if I’m starving but it’s probably just in my mind lol.

    But that motivation you have to say enough is enough is a great start.

  • I love days that you can beat all the temptations and you have a little snack because you either planned the snack or you have it in moderation. Well done!

  • Temptation is the worst thing for people; once you discipline yourself to avoid such fatty food and unhealthy choice you become a much stronger person.

  • Good luck! Eating badly is so easy and yummy! It does make a difference and you will see how your work has paid off.

  • Good luck to you! I really need to get serious about losing weight and getting healthier too.

  • About a year ago, I found myself just gaining weight and not watching what I was eating. I decided to switch to almost raw-vegan, basically cold turkey and I haven’t looked back. I still eat a piece of salmon occasionally, but that’s the only meat I eat now. And I eat mostly raw – fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts. I can’t even imagine going back to meat. I am back down to size 2-4 depending on brand. I just need to start exercising again. Good luck to you on your journey to weight loss.

  • Ugh, temptation is the worst. I have been succombing to it often lately! Good luck!

  • I’m awful – it doesn’t help the OH is working 1/2 hours and can eat anything and loves to have junk food in – I’m sure just looking at it I put on weight.. Hoping summer will help me feel more motivated 🙂 good luck! x

  • I did not realize that fitness is only 20 percent of weight loss. It’s weird, but I can actually stay up on my diet when I am on a workout schedule. I guess it’s because fitness for me is the hardest part and I don’t want to ruin all that hard work on fatty foods.

  • That’s great! Good for you for kicking into high gear to achieve your goal. It will be worth it to enjoy better health and you should feel better too. 🙂

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