Halloween Costume Ideas for Families

So, this year, you want the whole family to dress up for Halloween! But, you need ideas for some cool costumes, right? Look no further, because here are some awesome Halloween costume ideas for families.


Alice in Wonderland– Alice in Wonderland is an 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll. The novel has been adapted into numerous movies, comics, liver performances, songs, albums, television shows and illustrations. Costume Super Center features an array of Alice in Wonderland costumes for adults and kids, including characters like Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts.

Despicable Me– The Despicable Me franchise features 6 films, 11 short movies and 3 video games. Target has Despicable Me Adults and Kids Minions costumes.

Guardians of the Galaxy– Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 superhero movie and its sequel, the 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The movies are based on the superhero team from Marvel Comics. Costume Super Center features an array of Guardians of the Galaxy costumes for adults and kids, including characters such as Star Lord, Gamora, Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

Clowns– Clown costumes are great for those families who love clowning around. Oriental Trading has clown costumes and accessories for the whole family, including Baby’s Cuddly Clown Costume, Kid’s Bobo the Clown Costume, Adult’s Jumpsuit Clown Costume, Jumbo Clown Shoes and Color Palette Clown Makeup.

Foods- Have the whole family dress up as a food item. Oriental Trading has a variety of food costumes, including Baby Banana Bunting Costume, Kid’s Hot Dog Costume and Adult’s Tomato Costume.

Insects- Who doesn’t’ love cute little insects? Party City has an array of insect costumes for the whole family, like Baby Little Stinger Bee Costume, Girl’s Ladybug Costume and Adult Black Widow Spider Costume.

Jungle Animals– Why not dress up the family as jungle animals! Target has some cute pajama jungle animal costumes for Halloween, such as Kid’s Giraffe Suit, Men’s Gorilla Suit and Women’s Lion Suit.

Pirates- Pirate costumes are a fun idea for the family who loves adventure. Oriental Trading features pirate costumes for the whole family, like Girl’s Batarina Pirate Costume, Boy’s High Seas Buccaneer Pirate Costume, Men’s Rustic Pirate Costume and Women’s Swashbuckler Costume.

Alice in Wonderland at https://www.costumesupercenter.com
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