Top Tips for Sustainable Spring Fashion Dressing

If you are trying to dress for the office and are looking to remain on trend, while also looking stylish and sophisticated, it can often be difficult to find ethical brands that are both affordable and stylish. Luckily though, times are rapidly changing when it comes to finding the right balance. Now many brands and companies are beginning to understand the importance of producing work wear that is both ethical and affordable, while also being comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday. So, if you are keen to incorporate a few ethical flourishes into your work wear, then you are in luck. By using a few stylish accessories and key pieces you can have the best of both worlds.

Fashion and branding for your business
If you are a smaller fashion house looking to break into the sustainable fashion market, then it pays to hit the streets and get your product noticed. This doesn’t have to break the bank and can be used as a starting point to get your product noticed, with benefits in the long run. Tools such as free flyer maker can help you to produce leaflets that are stylish and make an impact. It is important that your brand is as unique as you are.

Research different designers
Whether you are looking for a new brand to follow, or a designer that is keen to position their clothes for workingwomen, then it pays to do your research and shop around. Now brands offer eco-friendly fabrics and sustainably produced clothing that is both stylish and not too expensive. You could begin by checking out which sustainable fashion brands are available online, or attend ethical clothing catwalk shows at London Fashion Week to get a better idea of what is currently on trend.

Less is more
When it comes to sustainable dressing, just as with high fashion, less is often more. If you are on a budget, then be sure to invest in eco-friendly key pieces to compliment your current wardrobe and give your work clothes a new lease of life. Now high-end fashion houses such as Stella McCartney are beginning to launch ranges that are also responsibly sourced and highly sought after. So, if you are sticking to a budget but want to invest in a scarf or handbag, then why not consider sustainable haute couture?

Be bold
If you thought that sustainable fashion was frumpy and boring then think again. You can expect to find fashionable styles and bright colours in a variety of organic materials that will give your wardrobe a much-needed style injection. Don’t be afraid of using more colour and patterns in your work wear, this will make you stand out. Your dress sense should reflect your personality after all.

Times are changing when it comes to finding sustainable and affordable clothing to wear for work and play. Luckily, the variety of eco-friendly brands available on the high street is now increasing, and even new ethical designers can learn from what is currently out there. Remember that less is more when it comes to adding some style to your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid of making bold and vibrant colour choices either. Enjoy your new clothes; you are embracing a new way of thinking that is driving the eco fashion movement forward.

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