Tips To Keeping A Clean House

We spend a lot of time in our houses. We rest, sleep, cook and eat and even invite our friends to share both the good and the bad times with us in our homes. Therefore, we not only need to keep our houses conducive for our own habitation but also for the visitors coming over to find it homely and friendly.

Cleaning can be particularly hectic even if you live by yourself, and even more so if you have kids, but it is still important to keep our houses clean. Cleanliness eliminates odors and prevents the formation of harmful bacteria which may cause diseases that could otherwise be preventable with proper hygiene. Regular cleaning is good for both your physical and mental health.

Here are some tips to keep your house clean:

General housecleaning
It is a good hygiene practice to remove shoes at the doorstep. This stops dirt, mud, and germs you might have carried going through your daily chores from contaminating the houses. Leaving your shoes at the door minimizes the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning the floor and preserves the life of your floor works. It also makes cleaning of your floor carpets easier and less tedious.

Carpets accumulate dirt and dust and sometimes play a good hiding ground for small insects. If left without cleaning for a long time, this accumulated dust causes respiratory problems. In a nutshell, cleaning your house is important for your health. You, therefore, need to vacuum clean frequently. Cordless vacuum cleaners like pick vacuum cleaner are more recommended if you have kids or pets since there no risk of tripping on a cord which can result in injuries.

Cleaning the kitchen
The kitchen is where we prepare our meals. This leaves food stains on the cooker, greasy pans, food crumbs littering the floor and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Sometimes we throw things at the garbage can and miss making the place around it messy.

One way of keeping the kitchen is promptly cleaning the kitchen immediately you are done with a kitchen utensil or appliance. Do not accumulate dishes and plates for days until you run out of plates to eat on. Wash immediately after eating.

Bring the garbage can nearer to where you are instead of playing basketball with your kitchen garbage. You can even have a large bowl to gather all your waste and empty it when you have finished cooking.
Wipe any stains immediately when you notice them and make a deliberate effort at cleaning your sink and drying it after doing your dishes. The kitchen counters and the floor should be cleaned with a disinfectant to kill germs.

Bathroom and toilet hygiene
Of course, you need to flush after using the toilet. Any stain on the toilet bowl should be scrubbed and cleaned immediately, so it doesn’t dry up and become difficult to clean or discolor the toilet bowl. Having an air freshener improves the smell of your bathroom and toilet and helps eliminate odors.

The bathroom should be lightly scrubbed and cleaned after a shower or a bath. The shower head also needs to be regularly unclogged, and the shower curtain changed often.

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