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The work of a busy mom is never done. Between nursery and school runs, household chores, shopping trips, work, and meal preparation you perhaps feel as though you have very little time to yourself. Was that someone else calling your name? You know better than most that you’re no good to anyone when you’re tired, stressed out, or barely functioning on caffeine; nobody benefits when we’re cranky or distracted, after all. Whether they occur after the school run, right before lunch, or during afternoon naptime, those snatched moments of quiet and calm are everything to busy moms. Away from the world, just for a moment, we’re able to switch off, recharge our batteries, and prepare for the afternoon or evening’s onslaught. It’s enough to send you to sleep just thinking about it.

While having a bath, watching your favorite TV show, going out for a walk, or reading a book probably sounds tempting, a growing number of moms are turning to online gaming as a means of escaping the daily grind. In fact, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that online games, particularly brain games and logic puzzles, can actually be good for busy moms. Those kinds of games can help to train our brains and aid memory, as well as boosting concentration and cognitive abilities – not to mention introducing new concepts and friends by way of chat rooms and forums associated with such games. In a world that’s dominated by technology and gadgets it’s often just nice for us moms to catch up and take part in something that our kids enjoy. Besides, isn’t it wonderful to think about something else, even for a moment?

Bingo has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years, which has been helped by the growing popularity of its online version; online bingo is bright, bold, and colorful and offers busy moms a form of escapism and a chance to win big. What’s not to love? Perhaps the best thing about online bingo, though, is the opportunity to meet new people via the chat room function. While online gaming is often something of a solo pastime, bingo enables busy moms to relax, have fun, and catch up on the latest gossip as they enjoy a snatched break. It’s perfect, really.

Brain training games have become popular recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Titles such as Sudoku, Brainiversity, and Kakuro, not to mention countless crossword and wordsearch puzzles, are usually relatively easy to download and learn, and can be picked up as and when you have a spare five minutes. What’s more, the games actively engage our brain and encourage more interaction, and improve levels of concentration. These memory puzzle games make a refreshing change from the daily grind.

Words with Friends
Words with Friends is another of those stimulating puzzle games, inviting busy moms to create, and play words from a series of randomly generated letters that each opponent is given. It’s a little like Scrabble, in online gaming form. The great thing about Words with Friends is that moms can connect to friends and family members via social media or choose to play against an unknown opponent; whether you’re in it for the glory, or to make a new friend, Words with Friends is a game with numerous, fun benefits.

The Lottery
There is so, so much more to the lottery than meets the eye. Far from choosing a few numbers and then forgetting about your ticket, the lottery has become an exciting, fast-paced means to win money – and us busy moms are among the most likely to buy a ticket or play an associated online game. Choosing our numbers has become part of the fun, with more and more of us resorting to our horoscopes, favorite dates, and numerology in order to score a winning ticket. According to there are several ways to improve your chances in the next lottery drawing, including buying more than one ticket or joining a pool. The truth is that it’s pretty much a game of chance, but it’s fun to dream, right?

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular online gaming titles of all; its simplicity is staggering. Invited to match lines of colorful shapes and blocks, players must complete levels and master mini challenges in a bid to beat their friends to Candy Crush glory – and we can’t get enough of it! The franchise is so successful that it’s spawned a variety of sequels, spin-offs, and different versions. Once you tire of Candy Crush there’s always Farm Heroes Saga, Bubble Witch, or the original and best Tetris to test you.

Of course, this post is by no means exhaustive; whatever your age, persuasion, or gaming experience there are countless titles out there waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Perhaps you’ve already found your new favorite pastime. Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt to dabble in a little online gaming every once in a while. As a busy mom you know better than most that your time is incredibly precious; use it wisely and treat yourself to a little gaming downtime every once in a while. You never know, you might discover something incredible about yourself, and your newly acquired abilities.

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