Important Ways Kids Can Help Prevent Colds and Flu

Have you ever sat at a playground during cold and flu season and watched kids react when they have a cold? One kid may wipe his nose on his sleeve, while another kid sneezes on the kids he’s playing with. There is no doubt that kids spread germs and they do so quite easily. However, you can teach your children ways in which they can help prevent spreading colds and flu.


Washing hands properly- Hand washing is one of the best ways to help prevent colds and flu. Teach your kids to wash their hands before eating, after going to the bathroom, after blowing their nose and after playing outside. The proper way to wash hands is to lather up with soap and then sing the Happy Birthday song twice, before rinsing with warm water.


Get enough sleep– Getting the proper amount of sleep can help boost the immune systems, preventing colds and flu. The amount of sleep you need depends on your age. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that kids ages 3-5 need 10-13 hours of sleep a night; kids ages 6-13 need 9-11 hours of sleep per night and teens ages 14-17 need 8-10 hours of sleep each night.


Eat foods rich in Phytonutrients- Phytonutrients are compounds that are found in plants. Foods that are rich in phytonutrients can help boost the immune system. Some of these foods include greens like asparagus, kiwi and lettuce; reds such as apples, strawberries and tomatoes; oranges like carrots, oranges and peaches and blues/purples such as blueberries, eggplant and plums.


Eat foods rich in Vitamin C- Vitamin C is a water-soluble, natural-occurring nutrient. Vitamin C is the ideal vitamin to help prevent colds and flu. There are several fruits and vegetables that feature a high amount of Vitamin C, including oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, papaya, spinach, bell peppers and Brussel sprouts.

Here’s to a healthy 2018!

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16 Responses to “Important Ways Kids Can Help Prevent Colds and Flu

  • These are all great tips for helping kids prevent nasty illnesses like the flu and the common cold.

  • These are all great tips. It is awful during cold and flu season at a play space whether it be indoors or out it’s as if you could see the germs multiplying. Proper hand washing is a must. The other tips are great too.

  • Great tips and good reminders as colds and flus seem to be rampant this season. Gotta watch the kids like a hawk so they actually wash their hands properly.

  • I can say that in my exam sessions, when I don’t get enough sleep I always get a cold. It’s like a rule for me. So I agree with the fact that sleep is very important to not get a cold or the flu.

  • Washing hands is a big thing with me. I always wash my hands after touching things when shopping or out and about. I also wipe down everything with wipes to keep keyboards and remotes germ-free.

  • These are all really fabulous tips. I hate cold and flu season to be honest. It’s terrible. Hand washing is totally a huge deal for me and my family.

  • Ugh yes, cold and flu season is totally upon us and kids seem to be the ones that spread it like wildfire. I totally agree that handwashing is a big deal. These are great tips for helping to prevent the spread.

    Lesley Carter
    3 years ago

    Living back in Canada, I feel like this is more important now than ever.

  • I have always taught my kids to wash their hands and if out, they know that they MUST wash their hands as soon as they get home. I haven’t supplemented with vitamin C in a while for them, this is a great reminder to do so

  • These are great tips for the little ones, well for everyone really. I hate been sick and always try to do the best I can to keep us from getting a cold or the flu.

  • This is so important. Kids are such a crazy way to spread germs, I see it everyday! I would like to discuss this post with the kids at school.

  • it amazing how many times we need to be reminded of this! the small things truly make a difference!

  • These are all great tips, and perfect for kids and adults. I’ve been getting that annoying cough the last couple of days, and I know it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep or Vitamin C. I need to work on both of those STAT

  • Lordy we’ve had the stomach flu running through our house and it’s coming from school. I’m constantly hounding my kids to wash their hands non-stop throughout the day. And not only use hand sanitizer!

  • Awesome suggestions! It’s so important for kids see the value in washing their hands because they are away from us so often at school, sports, etc.

  • This cold and flu season is the devil. It’s even a bit scary. My kids are armed with little bottles of hand sanitizer and have been doing extra hand washing and avoiding touching anything they don’t have to. My older kids work at a movie theater and the employees have all been wearing gloves (the blue nitrile kind they use in hospitals) when they clean the theaters between shows and at the end of the night to avoid getting the flu.

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