Exciting Activities You Can do With Your Kids

As many parents will know, holidays can be the best time to make some memories with the family. Whether it’s going on vacation or visiting relatives, if your kids are having fun, then that’s the main thing. However, sometimes you might start to run out of ideas for keeping them occupied, and you don’t want them to stay inside playing video games all day. So, here are a few great activities that you can do as a family together.

Puzzle Rooms
These puzzle room games are becoming more popular all over the world. They are a great way to get a group of the family together and work as a team. There are usually several types of puzzle that you can do, whether it’s breaking out of a room, figuring out a problem or role play. Escape Games are an entertaining way to pass an hour or two; not only is it an exciting experience, but it’s a great way to test your children’s brains and exercise their mental capacity.

Adventure Parks
While adventure parks are popular with the schools, they are also good for families that don’t mind an action filled day. Most of these parks are set in woods or in rural areas where they can take advantage of the local landscape. While there, you can find rope climbs, treetop walkways, zip wires and many other activities. There are usually age restrictions on these parks, so you will need to check with your local one before you go.

While you may have kids that will groan if you mention that you are taking them to a museum, this shouldn’t stop you from showing them nearby culture. Many museums have now started to do a lot more to help teach kids about the artifacts they have on display; they are also starting to introduce more interactive elements to their exhibits including films, experiments, and animatronics. Some museums have taken things a step further by having a virtual experience. Places such as the British Museum in London, now offer a virtual tour of their museum, taking in all the exhibits. It is a great idea for those children who live in other countries and yet want to explore the museum’s amazing displays.

Visit a Fire Station

For younger kids especially, going to visit a fire station is a huge highlight and one that will be like stepping into another world. Many local fire stations arrange tours for kids, and it makes the day educational as well as fun. They will get to see the different fire trucks that are used, and they will get to meet the firefighters. If there are families that live near to you with small kids, then maybe arranging a bigger group will be even more fun.

Sports Days
Another event that can include others from your neighborhood is a sports day. If you have a large park nearby, then you can all go as families and set up some games to play. You can have baseball, soccer, football and maybe take some garden games like giant Jenga. It is a great way to get the community together, plus you can all take some food and have a picnic as well. It’s the type of event that will suit kids of just about any age, and it is a good exercise for them.

Many local towns and cities have volunteer groups that help in the community. Some help to keep the flower borders clean and tidy while others may visit local elderly residents to see if they need any help. It is a great way to teach your kids about the community and helping others, and in return, they get to do some fun activities.

Going on a Day Trip
Most kids will love the idea of going somewhere special for the day, and it lets you visit places that you don’t get chance to see all the time. If you live near enough, you can always visit your nearest beach. In the summer especially, there will be lots to do on the seafront, and you get the chance to swim and make sand castles. If the beach is too far away, you can still have a great day out. Maybe you can visit your nearest big city and spend the day going around and seeing the sights.

Family Camping
You might have memories of going camping with your family when you were a child, packing up the car and driving to a local, national park to pitch the tent and explore the scenery. Although this type of camping is a great way to get next to nature, it doesn’t mean that it must be like that. With your tent, you can pitch up anywhere that you are allowed, so why not find somewhere that has some other activities nearby. Maybe you can camp near a theme park or a lake where they do sailing and windsurfing. The possibilities are endless, and if you are camping for a few days, then try to move to a new location each day to experience something new.

Water Parks
Just like adventure parks, water parks are a great way to keep the kids entertained all day. In warmer areas, you will probably find outdoor parks with large water slides and pools that you can relax in. Many also have poolside huts where you can spend the day and eat lunch in relative privacy. For those in a colder climate, you can still find waterparks, though they will be indoors. You can enjoy waterslides and relax by the pool, plus the temperature inside the park will be a lot warmer than the temperature outside.

These are just a few of the many other activities you can try. You can hold a treasure hunt, go and visit your local sports team or go and try some exotic food that you have never eaten before, just as long as it’s fun and the kids have a great time.

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  • Even if the travel is a little stressful, it’s really nice to do stuff with your kids. I think these are awesome ideas. Every summer we try as best as we can to do something different and just go explore as a family for two weeks before we all become busy again.

  • It’s fun to find new and interesting ways to spend time with your kids. At least the web makes it easier to do research and find activities that everyone will love or want to participate in.

  • I honestly love all of these. We haven’t done the visit a fire station which I’m sure my four year old would just be amazed.

  • My family and I love going on day trips. One of our favorite things to do is visiting different museums.

  • I have been wanting to try an Escape Game for so long, perhaps we will do that this weekend! Thanks for the idea!

  • Such a fun list of things to do! I remember as a kid my mom would constantly bring us to do something over the summers to keep us busy, and those are some of my favorite memories!

  • These are great tips. With summer around the corner soon I am going to be needing a list of things to do with the family and young kids. In fact, I am going to find puzzle rooms soon.

  • I love this list! One of my favorite things is candle making or soap making, a super cool DIY

  • This was great! Truly insightful! I always love learning about new things I can enjoy with my little ones! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Great post. I love all of these activities to do with my kids. They are the best.

  • Great post! as a kid I used to love going to water parks and theme parks and even the Museum, I feel that started my love for history. Camping is also one of the greatest things to do as a Family.

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