Post Work Mode: Time To Jam With Kohl’s Sleepwear

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I am a full time working mom. Well, all moms are. I know, I know. Let me clarify…I am an employed mother outside of the home. I put in my 8 hours of work and spend the remaining hours of the day either taking care of kids or sleeping. The first thing I do when I get home after a long day of work and running around with kids is throw my hair up into a ponytail and put on my comfy clothes. Ask my kids. They know my routine. And more times than not, they don’t mess with my routine. They know mama needs her relaxation clothes on before anything else happens.

My go-to?

My lounge pants and tees. Boom. I’m good.

This is me pondering life in my Sonoma pajamas.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to my lounge clothing though. It has to be comfy. It has to be warm and it has to be something I can wear if I absolutely HAVE to run to the grocery store after I already changed.

That’s why Kohl’s is my jam for my jams. I am all about the Sonoma brand. Sonoma pajamas are versatile and I like to mix and match the tops and the bottoms. I, personally, am more of an online shopper, especially since I do not live real close to a Kohl’s store. That’s why when I discovered the Sonoma brand and I knew how well the brand fits me, I completely feel comfortable purchasing my sleepwear right online. Online shopping is so convenient for me and whenever we do go shopping as a family, we typically aren’t shopping for mom. It’s usually clothes and clothes and necessities for the kiddos.

This is me “dabbing” (yes, that’s apparently what is cool with the kids these days) in my Sonoma pajamas.

If you are an easy, casual cool mama like me, you’d also enjoy Sonoma.

Check out some of the wide variety of options that Kohl’s offers here.

And for your own shopping experience, here are some coupons to help you save HERE.

After checking out the styles on Kohl’s, which would you choose for yourself?

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Mamasita Amber
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33 Responses to “Post Work Mode: Time To Jam With Kohl’s Sleepwear

  • Kohl’s Pj’s are the best. They are affordable and always so comfy to wear!

  • I would love to have comfortable loungeware. I have a very chilly home so you need something toasty like those PJs to warm up in.

  • I recently wrote about this as well. They have the best sleep wear for adults! I just love how comfy each one is and how perfect it is for the cold season!

  • I lov cosy pjs and loungeware too. It’s so handy to be able to order online and receive just a few days later. This set looks super comfy!

  • Your PJ’s look really comfortable! I love shopping at kohl’s!

  • That outfit looks so cozy and perfect for a night snuggled up on the couch with some movies! I love grey comfy clothes!

  • Those Sonoma pajamas look so comfortable and I think you could wear them to the grocery store in a pinch!

    Chanel van Reenen
    3 years ago

    I love Kohl’s! They offer the most comfortable lounge wear and PJs! I need to check out this brand!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kohls. They’re Kohls Cash and clothing are so affordable and great quality.

  • They look SO comfy, and I would totally throw a hoodie on and wear them out in the colder weather! Totally heading over to Kohls to check them out, they’d make a great gift!

    robin rue
    3 years ago

    I shop at Kohl’s quite often. I don’t know if I have ever gotten pajamas there, though, but I will stop by and look at what they have the next time I am there.

  • I always need a good pair of PJs! An absolute must and the comfier the better! I haven’t shopped at Kohl’s before but keen to give it a go

  • Love the look. I am all for comfort and casual. I have never been fancy pants for sure.

  • I love loungewear.. i am almost always looking for something comfortable and my goto has been Old Navy. I will explore the Kohls collection as well, after reading your post, i really like how comfortable you look in your outfit 🙂

  • Love those PJs so comfy and warm. I need to go to Kohl’s and get one or two pairs.

  • I love Kohls, and I love the Sonoma brand! Half of my closet used to be Sonoma! They always have the best prices.

  • Kohl’s has some great clothing. I love their selection. Your jammies look so comfortable! I’ll have to look into Sonoma.

  • I love shopping at Kohl’s and I could really use some new PJ’s, they are on my Christmas list in fact! These look so comfy!

  • It does look comfy and it’s definitely something that I would wear especially this season! I love that you can wear it out if you need to go get something at a store or two.

  • Isn’t Kohl’s a wonderful thing? They make mom work so much easier! Their coupons are the best in the world.

  • moms need comfy time, especially the way juggling goes through out day multitasking . These Pjs look comfy and cool

  • These jammies look like my at home uniform, I love ’em! I’ll have to look for them next time at Kohl’s, which is awesome because I just got an awesome coupon for Kohl’s.

  • I love getting into pajamas as soon as I get home. “Lounge” pants make it seem that much more acceptable and not such a bum.

  • they look so comfy! I need a new pair of jammies , I guess I need to go shopping!

    3 years ago

    There is nothing better than getting into a comfy pair of pajamas after a long day and just relaxing with a hot cup of tea.

  • I just bought a new pair of pjs from Kohl’s. That makes for my third pair. They have so many great options to choose from I often have trouble deciding which print or style I want.

  • There is seriously nothing better than slipping into cozy PJS after a hard day! I love that feeling.

  • You had me at COMFY jammies. This mama lives for them. I do work from home after all. Bwah!

    3 years ago

    We give everyone Christmas PJ’s every Christmas Eve. These would be the perfect gift for the adults!

  • Comfortable lounge wear is life for me! I love slipping into something soft and comfy at the end of the day.

  • I totally love to wear comfortable pajamas and loungewear. I think I’ve heard of this brand before, will need to check this out.

  • I shop at Kohl’s weekly and love their current sales on sleepwear! It’s so important to feel comfy at home!

  • Kohl’s is actually my go-to for pajamas. I have several of their PJs and I love them all. They are comfy, soft, washable, and best of all affordable.

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