How to Make your Bathroom Easier to Use for the Kids

Bathrooms, which are usually the smallest rooms in the house, frequently pose challenges for children because they struggle to reach sinks, toilets or tubs.

While your first inclination as a parent would be to use child kid-sized features, this is rarely a good idea unless you have no concerns about your budget or the house resale value. The most reasonable way to go about it is to build a bathroom for adults then use elements that will make it easy for the kids to use.

Designing the Basement Bathroom

There is a lot more that goes into crafting a bathroom that works for the kids than just adding kids’ décor to it. The very first aspect of you should consider safety, followed closely by design when planning a kid-friendly bathroom.

There are a lot of challenges that go into basement bathrooms, and for this reason, you should consider an upflush toilet like the Saniflo Sanibest toilet because there will be no need to break the floors, drop ceilings or even get custom equipment.

An upflush toilet is also suitable for kids because it can be lowered enough to the level where they can reach with ease. Here are some more tips on making the bathroom kid-friendly

Non-Slip Flooring

Kids are bubbly, jumpy and hoppy creatures prone to accidents. You should use suitable non-slippery flooring in the bathroom to avoid slips. Small ceramic tiles with numerous grout lines, for instance, would be an excellent choice. These might be hard to clean, but you will never regret them.

Purchase a Taller Vanity

There is no need to get a small vanity because kids grow up. Eventually, you need to invest in a taller vanity. Until then, you can get a bathroom stool that can be tucked under the cabinet easily when not in use. However, you can bring a few essentials down to them, like a mirror, towel ring, and their toothbrush essentials. You can also modify these shower as your kid undergone a physical transformation.

An Easily Accessible Tub

Improving access to the tub could involve a graduated step in the basin or getting an under the mounted model. Ensure that the handheld shower is within reach, the faucets have anti-scald valves as well as adjustable shower bars.

Hardware Easy For Them to Handle

D-handles are easier for kids to pull than knobs. Kids’ small hands are not very good at grabbing around buttons, and if you add water or soap to that equation, it becomes impossible. Install towel rings or hooks instead of towel bars because, with bars, towels are likely to end up on the floor.


A lot of things happen in the bathroom, like bathing, brushing teeth, washing and even playing in the bathtub. A shower should include easy-care surfaces, enough storage and most importantly, accommodations for the little ones.

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  • These are some great ideas! It’s important that the whole of your house is practical for adults and children alike.

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